My first experience as a nudistMy name is Elizabeth and

I liked to share my first nudist encounter
with all the universe and I believed that this may be the best place to do so. I liked to share not only my story on you, but my first bare picture which was ever taken by another person, outside. But the image is just half the story and while I’m certain that you will love the photograph (how’s that for modesty?), I think that most of you’ll also prefer to hear how a girl like me, a shy girl which hasn’t done anything crazy in her life, determined to take it all away and show the world her whole bod.
I was raised in a family that could perhaps best be described as a very conservative one.

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It is not like we are some religious fanatics or anything like that, but my parents both came from quite old-fashioned families and they raised us like that as well. There was never discuss sex in , there was never talk of nudity, there was no HBO, items like that. This resulted in me becoming quite self-conscious and rather to myself from the very beginning. It’s not like I was a nun or anything like that, but flashing my boobs once I got drunk and things like that was never my thing. On the flip side, almost all of my buddies were cease like that; the wonders of growing up in the 21st century, I guess.
This past year, we went on a holiday to Mexico, just like we did every year. We have been checking out all the most popular spots in Mexico for a number of years back and we had great time every year. This year, we went to a location we’ve not been to before and it was the very best year yet, for them because they could get drunk on a regular basis and for me because have found how great it is to swim and sunbathe in the nude.
Namely, due to the fact that I never could or wanted to drink as much as my pals, I constantly had the mornings to myself, mornings that I ‘d usually spend on a beach, reading a book and relaxing like I never could when they were around. And this day, I overheard a fine Swedish couple from our hotel speaking about going to a nudist beach nearby. They were in their forties and still rather appealing, her in particular. And then I did something I ‘d never done before. I approached them in the foyer and asked them if I could hitch a ride with them. They were happy to help and we were there in significantly less than half an hour.
It was the first time I went to a nudist beach and I actually felt like fish out of water at first. All those naked people, so oblivious of the reality that they’re nude, it was something else. The Swedish couple was also nude as soon as they reached the beach. She looked amazing. Then I decided that I ‘ve nothing to be ashamed of and I took off my clothes too. I never thought something easy like that could be so liberating. I felt like a whole new person by just taking off my bikini. The nice Swedish lady complimented me on my body and she recognized a first timer at the same time. She said that I will want to have a photo of myself naked on a beach for the very first time and she wasn’t wrong. It is this picture.
Being nude was just so amazing. Initially, you think like everyone is looking at you, but you soon realize that this really is not the case. You are yourself, you are free and you’re feeling things you never had before. I really could feel the sun on my flesh like never before and the cool water along with the wind. I felt so naughty and so sexy like I ‘d never felt before. It was more than great, it was life-transforming. I’ll never forget my first time and now I ‘ve a photograph to go with it. I hope you appreciate it.

The worst and greatest time of my life

When me and my then-boyfriend went to Spain for the very first time in our lives, we thought that we were going to possess the best time of our life. We were together for nearly eight years and it was supposed to be our largest intimate holiday ever. However, things didn’t actually turn out the way we expected. Let’s simply say that the man in the picture which you can see here is not that boyfriend and you may begin recognizing what I am talking about.
What happened is something that occurs to so many couples when they go on holiday; when you’re on vacation, small matters and irks become larger and you start fighting over stuff which you have been de-emphasizing for years. We have not been on a vacation the preceding year and there was some pressure to make this vacation the best ever. This was another issue.

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In any manner (I really do not need to go into details), we got into this huge fight the second or third day we went to this amazing Spanish town on the Mediterranean and it was one of those really ugly fights. We told each other stuff that we’ve been keeping to ourselves for quite a while and I was just so upset that I left the resort, took my things and simply walked out on him. It wasn’t one of these hissy fits. I was done and that was that.
I asked the people from the hotel whether there’s another town that I really could get to without too much hassle and one of the people on reception was actually from this other town, not more than 15 miles away from the one we were staying at up to that point. I got a cab and went there. It turned out to be this extremely small town with incredible allure along with the most stunning beaches that I ‘d ever seen. Additionally, one of the beaches was a nudist beach. I’ve never gone to a nudist beach before, but as I was making this enormous turn in my life, I figured that it would have been advisable to get rid of my clothing and actually make the biggest reduction in my life.
I went to the nudist beach and when I got there, I cannot actually say I was the most comfortable man on the planet. Sure, there were delightful young naked people all around and it was only too alluring to trust. Nonetheless, I felt that I may not be as prepared for this as I ‘d thought. But however, I was adamant about my decision and I took off all my clothes. It was lovely. The very instant you find yourself in the open with no clothing with dozens of other nude people that you really do not know. There’s something so sexy and so amazing about this that it is hopeless to clarify.
And then the sunbathing and swimming nude, all these are the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life. The water feels so fantastic on the nude skin and the sun feels even better. warms the skin, and I mean all of the skin and it is hard not to get excited and horny. And then I met this man. He was right next to me and I couldn’t help but notice his incredible body. I mean you can see it. We got to talking and it turned out he was Spanish. His English was really not that great, but when you’re nude, you truly do not desire speak that much. And it was all so natural and easy.
We shot that same day and we spent the next few days together. It was nothing serious or anything. Two magnificent naked young folks together and having fun one sluggish summer of 2012. It was a holiday that was nothing like the one I’d planned and yet it was beautiful. And when you ask me, it is really all down to the fact I found how great it is to sunbathe in the nude and walk in front of strangers nude.

My history without clothing has been long but quite irregular.

As I read in this newsgroup, there are many who have been comfortable with nudity since childhood.
That was definitely not possible for me in the very traditional house in which I was raised. I do remember very vividly my first encounter. When I was 13, our family was trailor camping in a forest in the south of England. It was a lovely morning and I was up before anyone else. I stepped outside in the dewy morning in my pajamas and discovered a path leading away into the woods. The temptation was too great. Once I was out of sight, I took off all my clothing and ran naked through the woods. It turned out to be a amazing feeling! Regrettably, it was not an encounter I really could duplicate readily. As I grew through my teen years, there was no possibility of being nude at home or in the back yard.
I ‘d to be satisfied wearing brief underwear and I’d occasionally lie on a towel in the yard. wasn’t thrilled, but did not say too much. Some years afterwards, I was married and I recall with great fondness a day when my young bride and I walked nude in a field. It was of freedom, but not one which has been repeated often.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Over time, I have visited Wreck Beach once I was visiting Vancouver. There I found people quite receptive and taking. Unlike many I have read about in this forum, I did not have any hesitation about taking off my clothes with strangers. It was a very freeing experience. I recall once lying across a log from a young woman and a few young men who were having a conversation.
They were totally standard in the things they discussed although they and I were naked. I believed what a great awareness of self confidence each person showed, especially the young woman. Maybe that’s what lots of individuals lack, the self confidence and positive self image to be themselves even when they’re clothed. My kids are grown now so my wife is a whole lot more accepting of my being naked around the home and in the yard. She smiles at me and recognizes that when I have really been able to lie in the sun naked for an hour or so, I’m so much more relaxed. She says, “If this is what it takes for you to be relaxed, I’m all for it”. What this means is that it’s o.k. for me to be nude and have no tan lines.
She doesn’t particularly share my enthusiasm. For those of you who are readily able to be nude and free at home, the seashore or the club, love that liberty. Not all people can experience that degree of freedom and enjoy being comfortable within their very own skin, whether they’re nude alone or with others.

I had an experience today that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?….

I’d finished my workout, showered, disposed of my towel in a near by bind, and was walking back to my locker (bare, of course) to get dressed. As I turned the corner from the showers toward the lockers, a woman was standing in the walk way with a bathing suit and towel in her hand. “What are you really doing in here!?” nudism family pics asked. “I was about to ask you the same question” I responded. Both of us being shocked by seeing the other, I said, “This is the male locker room.” She responded, “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry….I am in the wrong location!” “Please forgive my intrusion” milfs on the beach continued, as she followed me to my locker. As I was trying to get my locker opened, she continued to talk to me regarding the facility we were in.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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This went on for a great two minutes before another man walked in and, took a look, and pulled away behind some other lockers. Eventually, she said, “I apologize…it was great speaking to you”…and left.

Now, while I was surprised to see her (and she me), I remained composed and naked (since I ‘d nothing to cover with)
in our dialogue. She obviously somewhat appreciated this situation, since she did not immediately run to the door.
Looking back on this, I’m somewhat surprised by her actions. If this had occurred in her locker room, I am convinced that I would have been thrown out or arrested!

Pure bliss…

Like most folks researching nudism, I was driven through an unshakeable curiosity: What would it feel like to be nude outside and in the company of others? Would my nudity be uncomfortable or would it feel…good, natural? And the greatest question of all: could I really bring myself to lose my clothing and my inhibitions?

All nudists have faced that “moment of truth” when they can either get naked or stay cloaked in rue. If you are at a nudist resort, and everyone around you is naked, wearing clothing really makes you feel out of place, so perhaps it is somewhat easier to “take the plunge.” For me, my moment of truth came at a clothing optional resort, where I’d scheduled a 9-day holiday. Because it was clothes optional, I did not really have to be naked to fit in. I was hedging my bets, I suppose.

When I arrived, I passed by the pool where a half dozen folks lounged, some naked, others in swimsuits. After quickly unpacking, I headed back to the pool. I wore swim trunks.

As I finished dispersing my towel on the lounger, the nude people on the opposite side of the pool left, leaving me and two other men, all wearing trunks. I was off the hook. I didn’t have to get nude. It’d be perfectly acceptable for me to get some rays without getting an all-over suntan. And yet, I was struck by the notion that my moment of truth was at hand; even though I ‘d nine sunny days before me, I knew that it was now or never. In that instant, I flashed forward to the finished day and imagined that I had spent the entire vacation clothed. I pictured a second on that final day when I might be alone in the pool and finally find the nerve to slip out of my trunks and experience the freedom that so many others had appreciated all week long. I figured that if I was fortunate, after more than eight days of choosing to remain clothed, I might not even enjoy being nude…with the warm pool water and dazzling rays of the sun hugging my entire body. Oh, who was I kidding? I knew it would be wonderful.

So I got naked. And no one stared. No one laughed. No one pointed and whispered. The two other men poolside simply nodded hello, as well as the water rippled and the palm trees rustled and the sun warmed me. All over.

Sure, my heart raced for some time. I believed, “I can’t believe I am doing this!” But it was not long before my interior monologue altered to: “I can not believe it took me 42 years to do this!” I really found myself feeling sorry for the two men in trunks, along with the smattering of others who would spend the coming days still clothed.

During that vacation I also went to a sunning pier where nudity was permitted. Again, some wore swimsuits, others bared all. Not every naked body was perfect. In reality, none were.

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But I was learning that nudism is not about how you look, it’s about how you feel. Additionally , I went on a nude sailing and snorkeling experience. .

My moment of truth was liberating. The moments since – shared with other people who’ve also discovered the joys of nudism – have been nothing short of fantastic. Is not it time you set yourself free?

-Bob C.
Don’t Leave Planet World Without Trying It!

Maybe telling about my first experience with naked diversion will lead you to that end. I was vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean. The initial two days were spent on the beach sitting in a soggy swimsuit and being chafed by sand. I signed up for a day boat trip and picnic at a beach on an island away from the resort. As we were leaving, I discovered the trip was to an island with a nude beach! I chose to go anyway, believing no way was anybody getting me out of my suit. I stood firm, and in fact, was the last man to give in and lose my swimsuit – I was the last one to get dressed to return to the resort. Why hadn’t someone told me about this earlier? I was hooked, and that was over 40 years past. The phrase, “nude when possible, clothed when practical,” definitely describes me. Nevertheless, I do wear shoes when vacuuming the house though as I ‘ve a custom of running over my toes with the vacuum cleaner.

I admit that my first reaction was that this is really something that wasn’t . I was oblivious that there are national organizations and didn’t understand anyone who could shed light on this relaxing lifestyle. The literature available today tells it like it’s. Everyone will say that once you’ve made your first visit, the sensation of dread will vanish. Until you experience a thing for yourself, words cannot inform you how you need to feel or how you must act or respond. I can add one more sentence of encouragement: Do Not leave Planet Earth without at least attempting this wonderful way of destressing and relaxing a chance.

-Cheri Alexander
South Carolina

My partner and I seen a club for the first time. Actually

, it was our first time at any given nudist facility.
Our previous experience had just been with a couple select friends either in our hot tub or someone’s pool and typically included that courage contractor, booze. Now here we were sober, with total strangers, and going to get bare. We were abruptly introduced to social nudism when we walked into the office. And we believed Fridays were informal, hah. Our membership guides went out of their approach to ease our anxieties, and although apprehensive, we took the plunge. While we have changed clothing in a parking lot before, we can actually say its the very first time we ever took all of it away. My God. Outside in the open. Where we could be viewed. Are we crazy?
Our guides gave us the tour and explained , etc. (Darn, everyone is naked.) They also gave us a history of the club and introduced us to some of the members.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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(Darn, we’re naked too.) By time we made it to the beach, we were beginning to relax. Well not entirely, after all we don’t have any clothes on in front of all of these people.
After lying in sunlight for awhile and slowly beginning to grow accustomed, we decided to take a walk around the area with all the trailers. Walking down the middle of the road, buck naked. Whoa, that’s one we wouldn’t have thought we had do. There are some quite creative individuals. A number of the trailers and cottages were really nice. But the people were sitting on their decks, barbequing, doing care, and washing automobiles without a stitch of clothing. We are bordering on sensory overload now.
Getting back to the beach, we decided to shower. Between nerves as well as our hike, we’d worked up quite a sweat. Another new experience, taking in a shower, outside, nude, with every Tom, Dick, and Betty walking by or joining us. The brain has now gone dead. It can not take anymore.
After our refreshing shower, Mother Nature decided to send some thunder boomies in. We wondered what nudists do when it rains. After all, there’s no clothes to get wet. But we soon learned that it’s chilly, and whether or not it rains hard enough can hurt. Plus our towels (towels are our friend we were told) would get wet. So we joined everyone in Keys Hall. It was becoming close to the membership societal hour anyhow. While waiting, we discussed to a quite agreeable aged lady. We could not help but reminded by that old Allen Funt movie “What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?” Since the mind is already dead, it didn’t register that we were talking to an individual who could very well be our grandma and she’s nude.
It was at the social hour that the final obstacles were broke. Outside we could keep our space and the invisible barrier, but here we were in exceptionally close proximity to nude men, girls, and kids. Just as the brain was beginning to come back to life, it shut down again.
As the social hour was breaking up, the skies cleared. Everyone was getting prepared for the luau, but sadly we needed to leave and get back home to our daughter. After smelling the pig roasting all day long, it was a disappointment not to be able to stay.
Seriously, after the initial anxieties wore off, which really didn’t take long, we had an enjoyable and relaxing day. All of the members were very friendly and couldn’t wait to brag about their club. The majority of our apprehension was more on what to expect than the nudity aspect although body approval is perhaps the most difficult part of a social naked surroundings. I did overlook . After all, what do I do with my hands?
Then it was back to the car and what the hell?? We got to put clothes on. That sucks.

Duecer, adolescent lads get spontaneous erections quite frequently and everywhere they chance to be.

Showing up nude in public where there also happens to be warm water, a nice wind, and naked females romping about will make your son’s arousal significantly more likely. I suggest that you simply refrain from insisting to your wife that erections do not occur at nudist places, particularly among adolescents, because that statement is way off the mark.

You commented that you did not mention anything to your wife about your son’s erection in the water (“I never told my wife.”) The lad is extremely likely able to sense your requirement for secrecy in this issue and that fact alone will make him uneasy about it, or even ashamed.

The following time he gets an erection in your existence, be casual about it. Tell him it’s part of life, there’s nothing wrong with having one, he is a completely ordinary boy and there is no need to be embarassed. However do emphasize the need to act appropriately if (when) it happens around others, by not waving it around like a huge flag and to just ignore it if he can not readily conceal it. Not bringing others’ attention to it is the best course of action. If a person does notice, he should remain cool as if nothing is going on.

And as one poster already suggested, ensure that your daughter doesn’t make fun of click if (when) she sees him with an erection. can be very sensitive about those opinions.

In addition , I suggest having a chat with “the wife” and acknowledge the information you gave her isn’t completely correct. She will nearly surely see your son with an erection one day in the resort.

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She must understand he is having them, and providing correct information on the subject will lessen her shock and embarassment. In case your wife knows how likely and normal erections are for a young teenage boy, she is able to take it in stride when it does occur and not make your son feel lousy about an uncontrollable body function.

On my 4th day at Wreck beach, arriving there at 10AM,I found a great area to lay out my towel and soak up some rays, bare of course.

A couple of hours later I could hear some female dialogue near me, so I sat up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. I said; hello. One of them asked me how often I go to Bust Up. I responded that I was from Edmonton and that this was my 4th day here. They were locals from Vancouver and this was their very first time at wreck beach.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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At this stage, they’d gotten around to removing their tops.

Then, another one asks me ‘How come not one of the men get ?’ To which I responded ‘That hardly ever occurs on a nude beach,believe it or not’. Then I asked them ‘How do you enjoy this spot, so far? The consensus was ‘ We don’t have loud mouth jerks hitting us up every 5 minutes like at the other shores!’ At this stage, all 3 removed their undersides. I said ‘Welcome to the Club’.

At this point, I told them that I’m going for a dip in the ocean to cool off. as soon as I got back to my towel, one of them noted that the water should be cold! I’m one who is fairly large in , but the cold shrivels it up!

We conversed for a while longer, then we went our different ways due to some younger guys that seemed to be packing the place which were clothed in board shorts and T Shirts.(stupid).

I think the 3 Young Ladies are HOOKED on the Nudist Lifestyle.

OMG I cannot believe I eventually did it. After several years of me being a home nudist

, I finally had the guts to talk about my lifestyle with some buddies of mine. Last night, my next door neighbors invited my wife and i around at 10pm for a small impromptu get together. We have been neighbors for 2 years now but never had a sit down and get to understand you session so we decided to do just that. It was fantastic. Merely sitting around shooting the breeze and getting to know each other just a little better. During our discussion, my wife brings up the very fact that I’m going to be doing the Fremont summer solstice bike ride this year. It was a good strategy to break the ice about my feelings towards nudity. We’ve got a hot tub that can been seen by the neighbor’s rear window if they look hard enough and I’ve always been stressed that they may be offended if they were to ever look out the window and see me sitting in my bath naked (which I do on a daily basis). So during our discussions, I ask them if they are offended by nudity and if they’ve some problems with me being naked in my back yard. They were totally cool with it and told me they haven’t discovered me.
Long story short, we choose to move our get together to the hot tub. We joked around about whether or not I ‘d wear a suit and from our chat i got the impression that they would be completely fine if i didnt. So i took the first step and went o-natural. It was amazing and they were completely fine with it. I did nothing to shove them into doing it and I was the sole one who decided to do so. I can’t believe I really took that measure and was accepted for who I ‘m.

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We had a terrific experience and acquired some new friends.
If has taught me anything, it has instructed me that I can be accepted for who I choose to be and that there are individuals out there who might not decide to live the nudist lifestyle but are willing to take those who do. What an excellent time and .

In the last couple of years I have become an activist for nudism in our area and

thought I’d share some stories about how we go about it. Now I have a girlfriend who joins me in promoting nudism and also the lifestyle.

It appears some areas like Boulder Colorado are going backward instead of forward and bothers me as it might take up a trend in other cities as these things generally do. I’m 300 miles away on the other side of the state, perhaps happily, but I expect a movement will grow to rescind these laws and to train individuals concerning the true nature of simple social nudism. We as a community need to encourage a better picture of nudity along with the nudist lifestyle.

Merely for example, here’s that which we are doing. I started a nudist group here in Colorado called the Grand Junction Naturists,( and we do things like we hosted a World Naked Gardening Day at our house this year and we invited the media to cover the occasion if they agreed to present it in a positive light. We made the front page of the local newspaper and were on TV 4 times and all of it was very positive. Next year we plan on hosting it again and again inviting the media to cover it, plus we hope to start some safe advertisements to grow our group and offer free information for those who need to learn about our lifestyle. Our site has a decent number of educational content on it already and we intend to add more including a printable version to allow them to share it together with others in a printed form.

This year my GF and I decided we no longer cared who knows we are nudists, including her employer and fellow co-workers, together with family, and guess what? We have had practically no negative reactions. Some were a little shocked and said they could never do that, but most were curious about why we do it which opens up to the door for all of us to be ambassadors for the lifestyle and to make an effort to encourage them to get over their negative body issues.

And it’s working, slowly, a little at a time, but we’re having an effect. Here’s . One friend of ours is very heavy set and was really self conscious of her body and said she could never go nude around others. Well over the course of perhaps 8 months I gave her reasons why she shouldn’t be embarrassed about her body and just slowly let her know about the nudist worth and way of life. Finally one day she went to a private commercial hot springs with us and surprised us all by dropping her robe with nothing on.

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Since then she is much more comfy being naked around others and in talking about it.