Hey, Im from Brighton in England. I have been a nudist for three years now.

Sadly for me, no-one in my family knows about it and if they did, I ‘d most probably get grounded for the rest of my life! I come from a very conservative Christian family and they’d believe nudism equals lust and sex.
When I was 16, there was a lady called Tracy Seargeant who streaked at the indoor Bowls Tournament. Now, I’m by no means interested in bowls but it was all over the news for a few days. I’d heard of streaking before but until then, it’d never caught my attention. I went online a few days after and sought for streaking. I scrolled through a couple of sites that appeared dodgy and discovered one called Streaking.org, I seen that website and found a newsgroup there and read through as many of the posts as possible in the time I ‘d before someone came down the stairway to use the computer. As far as I could tell, all these people were interested in being naked whenever possible; they called their lifestyle a nudist lifestyle.
A couple of days after I was left at home by myself and recalled what I had read. I decided to take my clothes off; I was in my basement where the computer was so I’d have plenty of time to get redressed. The first thing I did when I got online was hunt for nudist Christian; I needed to ensure that what I was doing was okay by God. I found so many websites and after reading through some of them, I had enough scripture to back up living my life naked.
I spent as much time as possible nude after that (which wasnt quite often actually as I shared beach ass with my younger brother). I also began sleeping nude (did anyone not start this way! Lol). I got into bed wearing my boxers and when I was under the covers, I took them away. I ‘d to make sure I was awake before my father came into my room to wake up my brother and I; I needed to put my boxers back on so he wouldnt know I had been naked.
I also began sneaking out late during the night to streak my road (my influences back then were obviously streakers!). My road was a very busy one and I was seen so many times that Im surprised my family never found out about it. Pretty soon, I didnt trouble putting my boxers back on in the morning.
Initially, my father tried to get me to sleep with my boxers on but soon he stopped trying.

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Afterward, I found out about the nudist beach in Brighton. I was fairly happy as I hadnt ever been nude with another person. I went down there for the very first time in April 2003. It was odd being http://videonudism.com/plage with other people but I was not hesitant to get nude. It appeared quite natural. I visited the nudist beach for the whole summer of 2005. Additionally , I met some other nudists and spent some time on the South Downs with them. They’ve been the only nudists I have ever met personally.
We have now went to the different side of Brighton and I’ve now got more chance to get naked as I no longer share a room with my brother. However, I can no longer go out on late night runs as the ground floor has an alarm system which makes a noise when it’s turned off. I dont go to Brighton nudist beach very often anymore because it is too far for someone with no car to really go to. Instead, I see the beach at Shoreham that is also nudist.

First time Unclothed in a Social Setting at a Nude Beach in South America

(Guest Nudie Site)
First time Naked in a Social Setting
The first time I was nude in a social setting was at a naked beach in South America. After I first arrived at the plage I was petrified and I did not feel comfortable whatsoever. I could not believe that people would only go naked without a care in the world.
I used ton’t go unclothed right away. I was placing in sunlight for about ten minutes before I mustered up the guts to get nude.
Once I was naked, I still did not feel comfortable.
Yet, I had to consciously force myself to remain bare. I continued to lay in sunlight and after a couple of minutes, I began feeling more comfortable.
I determined to go for a swim. After I was out of the water I determined I ‘d walk along When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the home . I felt that nobody was even paying any attention to me. As if it was entirely regular (and maybe for them it was).
Being Unclothed in a Social Setting at a Bare Beach
I felt that My wife finally consented to give on the sand was there to just love the plage and nothing more than that. This was shocking to me since it was my very first time going into a sand that permitted individuals to go fully naked. I imagined it to be very distinct that it actually was.
I ended up staying at the playa all night.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Largely because I simply felt so very comfortable. I began feeling that being bare at the strand was a straightforward and natural thing.
To be honest, I believed I might feel disgusted or shocked. I suppose I just did not like the notion of going naked on a playa. But now, after my expertise, I believe it is totally natural.
I ‘m starting to think that shores should be nude beaches. If not the whole expanse of the sand, then maybe allocating a section for bare use. Nothing defeat that encounter and independence of being bare at the playa.
Since my first encounter, I make it a point to visit a nude beach every summer. The fact that I was nude in front of others and felt accepted, has actually done wonders for the way I feel about myself. Oddly enough, it also altered the way I interact with people. For a lack of an improved description, I think I ‘m less concerned with the looks and focus more on the individual.
I urge people to at least try it. You never know, it might be a life changing experience!
If you’d like to share your first time experience with being nude in a societal setting then let email us your story!
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About the Author (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and cofounder of Naturist Portal.

I was sitting out by my pool soaking up sunlight.

My pool is really private. I opened my eyes and outside my screen enclosure was the wife of my lawn man. It turned out to be a hot sunny day. I was setting there nude and she was standing there hot and sweaty. It was to late to cover up so I simply said the heck with it and invited her in to take a swim and cool off.

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In a flash she entered the pool area and stripped off http://nudist-photo.com . I have an outdoor shower. She rinsed off and then jumped into the pool. I was surprised and glad that there wasn’t going to be an issue. I offered a cold drink and we had a pleasant visit. She thanked me for letting her cool off and then got dressed and carried on to complete her work on the yard. It turned out that she and her husband were nudist and afterwards invited me to join them on their boat for a nude day on the water.

I would like to just start off by saying a little about myself. Im a 25 year old man and was brought up in

a home where nudity wasnt forbad, but it was recognized that nudity was a private thing.
I cant honestly recall ever seeing anyone nude growing up. I did however like to be naked by myself and sometimes swim bare in our pool. http://x-public.com could hardly consider myself a nudist.
Now onto my first experience, which happened just this past weekend. Basically just a holiday. It was then that they explained that they were attempting nudism. The way that my aunt said it was kind of tongue-in-cheek , and so I thought she was kidding. So I said, If you do it, Ill do it, in a joking tone. Nothing else was said about it during the rest of the drive.
After a day of riding and having a terrific time, I went into their travel trailer to get cleaned up while my uncle headed off into town to get more gas for the next day. My aunt was getting cleaned in the shower so I just began watching television. After a few minutes, she comes out of the little shower totally bare. After taking a brief look, my instincts were to look away at the television. She then sat directly across from me and started running a comb through her hair. Having never seen her like this, I saw that she was in incredible physical condition for a woman in her mid forties. Finding that I appeared uncomfortable, she inquired if she should cover up. Then I got up and took a shower. After departing the ridiculously tiny toilet (fully clothed), I took the same seat across from her and started to watch tv again. We started chatting and I found that I got used to her being nude, also it became easier to speak to her. She had covered herself with a blanket from the waist down, so it seemed that talking to my topless aunt was easier than speaking to my absolutely naked aunt. I had told her about my closet nudist actions in the recent past. She told me that social nudism is way easier if you just go for it rather than second guessing whether youll fit in. By this time, my uncle had made it back and was jumping into the shower. I told her that my chief stress was getting an erection, in front of my aunt no less. She told me that thats a common fear and that it probably wouldnt occur. She then got up to make dinner in the kitchen/living space (yea, its that small!). After our conversation, I didnt really mind that she was totally naked again. Paying more attention to preparing the meal, she asked if I was interested in trying societal nudism with them. I told her that I’d enjoy to. So using her just go for it motto, I stripped off everything right afterward. Good for you she said. Almost instantly, my anxiety was recognized. The moment that last stitch was off, and she turned around, I got an immediate full-on erection. She merely looked at me in the eye and said relax, the difficult parts over. I sat down and went back to attempting to focus on the television show. After a number of deathly, embarrassing moments, I realized something very interesting. I did not get an erection because I was turned on by my aunt (thank god!), I got one because I was naked in front of her. Having never been in this place before, I was responding to it with a sexual feeling, where it had nothing to do with sex.
Then my uncle came out of the shower and my humiliation emerged again. My whole life, I have been on the lanky side and have had poor self esteem because of it. We ended up talking about that and how self acceptance is really a huge element of nudism. Those three days were probably the most freeing days Ive ever had. I came away from this excursion using a feeling of optimism and great self acceptance and self esteem. In a way, stripping away the clothing freed me from self loathing. I cant wait till the next excursion!

I have been attending clothes-optional pagan assemblies for

a long time. While a couple of individuals go bare all of the time (and virtually everyone skinny-dips in the pool), plus a sizable minority of women go topless, nearly all the folks stay fully dressed. While nudity is taken at these occasions, the few full time nudists undoubtedly stand out as a tiny minority.

Now, I Have always loved being nude. I’ve been been a secret naturist since I was a kid, a home nudist since college, and a social nudist for about 5 years now. I have gone on naked hikes and canoes trips with my nudist club, where we have struck fabrics. And I’ve been going to pagan assemblies for 20 years, and have constantly skinny-dipped in the pool.

That’s because when I do, I am often the sole individual nude in my local vicinity.

Even now, after many years of going skyclad as much as weather permits, http://nudism-life.com have to work up some boldness to do it when 95% of the people around me are wearing something. It’s totally distinct from the feeling of naturalness in being nude at at nudist club. There is a certain feeling of being the odd one out, of being exposed, of anxiety that people may react negatively.

Actually, I’ve only had negative reactions once – from pagans who came from a different nation where garments are definitely NOT elective, even at pagan events. Everyone else has ever been taking. Many people never seem to even notice that I’m bare (though I understand they do) – and the few that do mention it are always positive. (Though occasionally jokingly.

while I go skyclad at assemblies, I immediately become comfortable about being naked among cloths. But I am always aware that I’m in an extremely little -and highly visible! – minority. I still have work up some boldness before venturing nude into the crowds – just like I used to have to do before walking onstage in front of a huge crowd.

However, I work up that boldness, if only as a point of honor. I’m one of the few actively nudist pagans at my local parties, and I wish to provide moral support for other people that may want to try it also – but like me, don’t desire to be alone.

Many years ago, I observed the few always-skyclad pagans at gatherings, and wished I was courageous enough to join them. It took many years, but eventually, I did. I think that I would be neglecting them if I did not continue their tradition.

And maybe, with luck, I Will inspire others to become nudists, just as they inspired me.

Being relativly new to the world of nudism I ‘ve hardly any nudist experiances so mine would

probarly be my first nude experiance, although more recently I met a women at a shore who told me her first naked experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in the us, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she made a decision to check out a few of the local shores. after some time of searching she found a beautiful calm little cove where there was know one else around and as the day had started out bad weather wise she had not packed her bathing suit but as the day had brightened up she believed that she couldn’t pass up the concept of a quick swim and as the seashore was desserted she didnt believe anything of stripping off and taking A dip anyhow after some time of swimming she began to get chilly and so swam to a small rocky island about 50 yards out. after heating on the island she started to make back toward the seashore after reaching the shore she made the shocking discovery that while she had been sunbathing on the island the tide had come in and all of her clothing running shoes and all had been required by the sea. she was stranded no clothing no towel and what made matters worse was that she had walked to the beach so she had no automobile, there was only one thing to do she would have to walk back through a active resedential estate in broad daylight stark naked, so she did it. she told me that she should have seen over 60 individuals over that to mile walk back to her flat an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats guts !

I want to introduce myself first, before presenting you my development to nudism. My name is Didier.

I am french, so please excuse me, my english can comprise some blunders… I am 25, male, soon married, and I’ve been living in French-speaking Switzerland for roughly 3 years now. I was born in a family, in which the idea of nudism itself is thought to be a pervert matter. Therefore, I hadn’t even heard about nudism or naturism before the age of 12. I have likewise never seen my parents, or any member of my family, nude.
So, why did I become interested in nudism ?
Everything started in 1991, in the summer. I was then only 12.
I still recall some fairly amusing things in this TV programme : everybody was entirely naked, including all the guests and the mayor of the village, but not the priest ! The husband was wearing just a hat along with a butterfly-node, and the spouse just a wedding voile. This TV report interested me, and for the very first time, I thought about going naked…
The following night, then I attempted to sleep bare for the very first time in my entire life. I didn’t sleep a lot during that night ! I was cold, and wondered what could happen if my parents came into by bedroom and remarked that I was nude. But anyhow, I found it fairly great, since I felt very free (I normally slept in pyjamas until then). The day after, my parents were away again, and I strove to stay bare the entire day. As http://zykad.com was hot, it was a excellent day. I did all the normal things in the nude, and this was extremely plesant. The evening, when my parents came back, I was rather depressing to have to wear my shorts and T shirt again. The drug of nudism had caught me, and I am still addicted to it !
But as I still feared the possible reaction of my parents, I didn’t sleep in the nude every night.
Approximately one year later, I had abandonned my pyjamas, and I was slepping nude more and more often. One morning, my mom, who came every morning to awaken me, found my pyjamas, and that I was slepping bare. But surprisingly, she did not have a very negative reaction. She was quite surprised, but after I ‘d explained her, that I could not bear pyjamas, T-shirt and chemise during the night, she agreed with me and accepted my sleeping nude. The first victory ! The life continued so, sleeping nude, and staying nude at home whenever possible. Two years later (in 1994), I wanted to try to be naked outside for the very first time. I ‘d the chance that there were little woods close to the building where we were living. With the other children, we were used some years before to go playing in these woods. One day (not particularily hot…), I went out, into these woods. I went back to the place where I played previously, and I took all my clothes away. During 1 hour, I walked in the woods, caring that nobody neither came nor could see me. The sensation of freedom was remarkable…
During that period also, I tried to go without underwear. I did it a couple of times, but immediately stopped as, although I recognised it was more comfy, I CAn’t prevent my dick to erect at any time, and my erections were plainly seeable. During the summer 1996, I made an important step : I shown to my mother, that I needed to stay bare at home. One day, while she had gone away for a few seconds, I went into the bathroom to take a bath, but before, I wrote a little message explaining that, when I’d go out of the bath, I’d stay bare because I felt better like this.
When she came back, she first refused, but I told her that there would not be any way that I’d affirm because I didn’t enjoy it, and she accepted that I remained nude. She revealed herself as being more open-minded than what I could think… So, I spent nearly one month naked, only swearing when my father was at home, and even, only when I stayed with my parents… The remaining time, I remained naked in my bedroom. It was among the finest summers I Have ever had !
After this summer, I went to high school in Lyon (in ‘Classes Prparatoires’, a high level scientific qualification after the ‘Baccalaurat’). I had to share my room with 3 roommates, so I was kept to sleep nude during one year, except during the week end and vacations, once I came back home.
The year after, I had my owm room, so I went on again sleeping nude. As this was not far from home (50 kilometers), I went there on my bicycle. The first time, there were no nudists as the little lakes and beaches were overcrowded (it was the 15 August week end). But the next time, there was nobody… I stopped, installed myself in a little isolated grass area, and got naked. For the very first time in my life, I was naked in public, with other people who could see me. I appreciated 2 amazing hours. I went back there quite regularly during the next 4 years, with great experences, and much more bad ones…
For the great ones, I’ll mention that I’ve meet my first bare women here 🙂 I also spent many hours here, completely naked, reading a book or enjoying the silence as well as the landscape. Lots of folks could see me, but noone had a negative reaction, as nudism was fairly weel permitted in this region except during the week ends in the center of the summertime.
But I also found, for the first time, that nudism may also be correlated to sexual perversion… Plenty of gay are accustomed to meet around these lakes, and do not be unwilling to try to have sex with any bare man they see… I needed to reject them fairly frequently, and I had normally no problem, but I eventually stopped to go there when I met my girlfriend (and future wife), to prevent additional troubles.
I attempted to visit a lot of other “bare locations” in the region, nevertheless they were ultimately all homosexual meeting points. I did not go there again… For the very first time in my life, I had my own “flat” (in fact, a student room at the first floor, facing a street, with 3 neighbours). I started to stay bare here more and more often, only swearing for going out (in class or to ride on my bike), or to bring something in the common fridge on the balcony (1 for 4 rooms). When my neighbours were all away, I even could go out on the balcony in the nude.
So, during 2 years, I needed to keep my windows closed, then secluding myself a bit… I additionally documentated myself a lot about nudism on Internet in these types of times, which encouraged myself into going on practicing this “closet nudism”. The 3rd year in Grenoble, I’d moved into a bigger room, at the 6th floor, whithout direct neighbours, so I remained more and more naked. Consistently fearing to be discovered… In April 2001, on an extremely little scaling road with no traffic, I even attempted once to ride on by bike in the buff, during about 10 kilometers. That was a great experience, but I didn’t have the chance to attempt once again…
My improvement in “complete nudism” went on in Lausanne. There is, not far from here, on the coast of Leman Lake, a little public beach, where nudism is allowed. It’s there that I had my first real nudist experience in public, without fearing homosexual advances, during summer 2003. I truly loved it, and I now wait for the heat once more to spend new great times on this beach, with my girlfriend, who I am attempting to convert to nudism additionally. A couple of months before, I decided once again that I wouldn’t wear knickers anylonger. I packaged all my knickers in a bag, and kept them in an inaccessible place (except one chemise for absolute importance cases).

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As my dick is now considerably more quieter, there is no trouble whatsoever, and I now never wear underwear, under any kind of clothes, including jeans which I wear a lot of the time.
My girlfriend does the same, and does never wear panties either; though she is still not actually converted to nudism, she values the relaxation of not wearing any. So goes http://videonudism.com/exhbitioniss/nudist-ass.php , slowly but surely. The next steps will be :
First, the end of the conversion of my girlfriend (who will be my wife subsequently) to nudism; I understand she’ll do it, as she’s not opposed to this idea, but it’ll clearly take a lot of time until she’s as comfortable with nakedness than I am… Afterwards, spend holidays in nudist resorts. I am hoping this will definitely become the truth next year. Well, that is all; Thanks to all the folks who had the guts to read my litterature until here

A Model Nudist, Component One

I was raised in an extremely humble home. Full nudity was confined to the bathroom and only consisted of shower or bath time. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone else in the house nude. Perhaps that’s why nudity fascinated me as a teen (beyond the ordinary curiosity about sex, etc.).

Someplace around http://videonudism.com/young , I started reading fantasy novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Conan publications by Robert E. Howard. The covers of these paperback books featured excellent paintings by Frank Frazetta or Boris Vallejo. Lots of them included nudity by members of both sexes. The nudity was not of a sexual nature; the characters in the paintings were involved in other tasks. Many of them involved combat, where I figured nudity was undoubtedly not advantageous.

The stories in the books featured scenes of casual nudity quite frequently, notably the Martian novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both John Carter (from World) and the Martian characters believed nothing of running around in the altogether. Actually, the John Carter character’s approach of transport to Mars consistently involved him waking up bare somewhere on earth. My youthful mind wondered what such a location would be like, where one could be free to be oneself and not be embarrassed.

I had just heard of “nudist colonies” as if they were a distant phenomenon (the film “A Shot in the Dark” being the most celebrated reference).

She mentioned in passing that she drew nude models in her figure drawing course. The concept of modeling for such a class was both frightening and exciting at exactly the same time. I ventured over to the art building and saw a sheet on a bulletin board advertising for models. They were paying five dollars, which, at the time, was better than just about any other occupation I really could get. My drawings were horrible, but I wasn’t overly interested in drawing. I needed to watch a session and see the method by which the model behaved, was handled, etc. It took me awhile to assemble the guts to enroll as a model myself, but I finally did.

I got a call from the coordinator of that open session. His model had canceled for that night, and he wanted someone to cover. I accepted somewhat unwillingly. Once I hung up the phone, I recognized that the class began in less than an hour. I took a long walk around campus before entering the studio. There were just two women who had shown up to attract that night. It was election night, and I’m sure a lot of people stayed home to see the returns.

I did not even have a robe, but the female model I had detected had not had one either. I just stripped down beside the modeling platform. I got down to my panties, took a deep breath, and eased them off. The two ladies didn’t run screaming that there clearly was a nude man in the room. I took my poses and got more comfortable as the evening went on.

-Dan H.
Fort Worth, Texas
Surprised the Manager

While in Ohio, on holiday, we decided to see Paradise Gardens (outside Cincinnati).

When we explained to the supervisor that we were neophytes, she exclaimed, “This is your first time and you’re already nude!”

Yes, we were, and we definitely enjoyed our say in the gardens.

OY VEY! My Jewish Mother

I was raised by a Jewish mother who taught me that showing skin was the worst thing on earth. She also instilled in me that my body was definitely not amazing or perfect. I heard it all of the time. Cover up. I even had to wear shoes in the home when visitors came, because my toes were “weird looking” in her eyes.

(Pirates Cove in Malibu). He needed me to go with him. I thought he was nuts. I resisted at first, but then he finally talked me into it. He assured we would leave if I could not handle it.

I scaled the stone with trepidation. It took me perhaps 20 seconds to take my clothes away. That entire summer was like the summertime which I fell in love with myself and my body for the first time ever.

I missed it. Finally, at 42, some friends confessed to me that they were nudists; and that they belong to Glen Eden. My reaction was pure excitement.

I begged them to take me. We arranged it for the subsequent weekend. I was so excited that I made myself sick. Nothing was going to prevent me. I went anyway, and that was the day I rediscovered myself-the day I became truly living and whole again. That was 1993. Now, I live in a nudist resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida; and I’m so blessed in order to live here.

We Never Looked Back

We were curious, apprehensive and afraid, all at the same time. We researched various alternatives and chose “The Terra Cotta Inn” at Palm Springs for our first time excursion. Once we walked in, it was apparent this wasn’t going to be our normal holiday.

After a few minutes, we ventured out and my wife was certain she would leave the bottom half of her swim suit on.

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After less than 5 minutes, she saw that she was the sole man with anything on and immediately took them away.

On that first trip, http://nudismpictures.net met amazing people that have become life long friends and can’t envision life without nude diversion.

For those who have thought of trying it, stop thinking and begin planning. You will not regret it.

This Changed My Life

I understood the cool summer breeze and how it felt so good so I got into the hot tub. Amazing!

For the rest of that summer I didn’t put on clothing. My parents were frightened at first but they recognized this was what made me joyful.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Duecer, teenage lads get spontaneous erections very often and anywhere they happen to be.

http://nudists-young.org is quite likely able to sense your need for secrecy in this issue and that fact alone will make him uneasy about it, or even ashamed.

The following time he gets an erection in your presence, be casual about it. Tell him it is part of life, there’s nothing wrong with having one, he is a completely regular boy and there’s no need to be embarassed. However do highlight the necessity to behave appropriately if (when) it happens around others, by not waving it about like a large flag and to only dismiss it if he can’t readily hide it. Not bringing others’ focus to it is the best course of action. If a person does notice, he should remain cool as if nothing is going on.

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And as one poster already suggested, make sure that your daughter will not make fun of him if (when) she sees him with an erection. Thirteen year old boys may be quite sensitive about those opinions.

In addition , I advise having a chat with “the wife” and admit the information you gave her is not completely correct. She’ll nearly surely spot http://fairpost.net with an erection one day at the resort. She has to know he is having them, and supplying correct information regarding the matter will lessen her shock and embarassment. If your wife knows how likely and ordinary erections are for a young adolescent boy, she is able to take it in stride when it does happen and not make your son feel bad about an uncontrollable body function.

Not sure which is the most courageous, so here are all of them:

. Skinny-dipped while family was clothed. My mom and aunt were fishing and my sister and I decided to swim. For some reason I was wearing short pants, not a bathing suit. Well, jockeys aren’t made for swimming. So I took them off. My sister was loving having me swim nude while she was clothed. When done swimming, and after telling my mom I did not have a thing on, I had to get out of the water and onto the deck of the pontoon. My mom was good with that. So I got out and wrapped a towel around me.

. It was about ten at night, really dark out there. I disrobed in a secluded area of a rest stop, got into my car and appreciated a naked drive until reaching the other side.

. Everybody was soaked by the time they got back to their cars, including me. So I stripped and drove home with a towel handy if desired.

. Walked nude behind the shore area to the bare section of Crandon Park Beach. Once I rounded the bend going to the bare section (north of cloth segment) and out of sight of the parking area, I disrobed and walked until getting to the nude beach.

. Took a bag of garbage to the road. It was dark out and the nearest street light was burned out. Taken the bag before me on the way out. So the most anybody could have seen was a naked butt in the dark.

. Turned off yard sprinkler. Woke up in the center of the night and remembered the lawn sprinkler was still running in the back yard. http://x-pot.com , so went out and turned it off.

Except for the first event, none of the above was exhibitionist in nature. I had no intention of being seen. Only wanted to do something nude I generally didn’t get the chance to do nude. The skinnydipping was not a large matter either. A lot of us kids did it at the lake during the summertime, but generally not around the grownups.