Some of the best-known nudist beaches

Those who enjoy the glory of worshipping the sun in the altogether couldn’t ask for a more accommodating spot than Fuerteventura. While there is no official position on nude sunbathing, there are many beaches where nudist sun lovers are welcome to strip down to the bare essentials and enjoy. There are very few beaches where nudism will raise eyebrows, though there are a few where it is not allowed or is discouraged. These are generally well-populated beaches near the urban and resort centres – Corralejo, for example. Even around Corralejo, though, there are beaches where a nudist can enjoy a discreet all-over tanning session.

Some of the best-known nudist beaches are on the southern end of Fuerteventura. The sunny, windy coasts of the Jandia peninsula offer many fairly remote and less populous beaches where no one thinks twice if a bather strips to their altogether.

Cofete is a pristine stretch of about 13 km on the western side of Jandia. Cofete is separated from Barlovento Beach by a rock known as Islote, and when the tide comes in, the beach is cut off from the rest of the island. Just beside Islote, the tides and winds have formed a small cove which offers the best bathing on the long stretch of sand. The windy beach with fine gold sand is one of the island’s better known nudist beaches.

Playa Sotovento is another Jandia beach where nudists are welcomed. The beach is actually divided in three by a pair of parallel sand dunes which run down to the sea. Most naturists prefer the large, flat expanse of sandy beach that lies to the south of the second dune. The beach is accessible by guagua (bus), and features many nearby resort amenities, including restaurants, a board walk, First Aid station, litter bins, sunshades and hammocks.

El Bajo Negro is located within Las Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park, not far from Corralejo. The beach is located in a rural area, and the beach is only semi-developed. There are many remote, pristine areas where nudist bathing is accepted and welcome. Despite its name, the sands here are pale and golden, and there are many accommodations for tourists and holidaymakers. Accessible by bus, it offers baths, showers, first aid, accommodations and nearby restaurants.

It’s far more common to find nudist beaches along either the northern coast or the southern peninsula, but nude bathing is acceptable on nearly any remote stretch of beach that is not overly populated or marked as family-friendly.

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