The Sunday morning dawned bright and early and we had plans to check out of the apartment as soon as possible

, catch some breakfast, organise some lunch and head to the shore before driving back to Brisbane as well as our flight to Sydney.
Nonetheless, we’dnt reckoned on this being the weekend of the Noosa Half Marathon and the Hastings Street area being closed down for this occasion. The agent we had reserved through was right in the centre of the area and we ended up parking farther away than our flat had been from the representative. This was our first hurdle soon followed by trying to find somew here for breakfast, which finally proved too difficult and we headed around to Sunshine Beach to snatch a few baguettes, fruit and take away coffee.
Talking to a few surfers while we breakfasted over looking the beach we also discovered that access to Alexandria Bay was potential from Sunshine Beach and was a much shorter walk than from the Noosa side of the National Park. So we immediately headed off and found a parking space from this side of the park.
The walk in was shorter, only just more than 1km but had none of the remarkable scenery of the Noosa side. Anyhow by 10:00 am we stepped out onto the shore and started looking for a space to settle for the day. To the right and south end of the shore there was already a group beginning to form but it appeared to be mostly male and past middle aged so we headed back towards where we’d camped the last day.
The site was easily found as the branch Shani had stuck in the sand the preceding day was still there. As we stripped down Angela and I were immediately out of our clothing and settling out on our towels. Shani was still fully clothed and shuffling about in her backpack she then pulled out her bikini and draped it over the branch, then the towel was carefully laid out, she sat down and began to disrobe stopping when all she had on was the most miniature lace thong Ive ever seen. I asked her if she was really going to take that away, and she clarified that she might get nude after in the day, if her trust came again.
We laid there and sunned and chatted for about an hour before a swim was proposed, we looked up and quite several folks had gathered in our area and along the entire beach. Shani stolen out of the thong and into her bikini bottoms, and also the three of us headed off into the water, Angela and I both nude. When we got out onto the sandbank the water was about waist deep and we stood there and crashed against the waves as they rolled in, soon Shani removed her bottoms and tied them around her ponytail.
When we turned to return to land there was a line of five guys simply standing on the waters edge watching us frolic. Not one of these men had been there when we’d entered the water and we’d have to walk past them to get back to our towels.
Lying in the gutter (the deep water between the sandbank along with the beach) we waited for these men to proceed before making the water. After a few minutes this hadn’t occurred so Angela used her normal diplomatic fashion and cried at them, Would you #$*%#ing perverts, piss off!
She had an immediate effect and also the guys scattered, allowing us to walk straight up to our towels and settle back to some serious sunbaking. We had been settled for a while when a female voice interrupted our quiet.
It was the girl from yesterday, who’d been nude but her boyfriend had stayed dressed. She introduced herself as Sarah, from Melbourne and was asking could she sit with us.

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We didnt have an issue with that and dialogue readily followed.
It appears she and her boyfriend were having a ten day break and he’d suggested Noosa for the surfing and actually enjoyed surfing in the very light bunches at Alexandria Bay. She’d found the spot suitably isolated that she’d started sunbaking topless and on their fourth day (yesterday) had decided that nude was fine.
We inquired in case the boyfriend (I dont remember his name, but I think it was Nick, Rick or Mick) had had a problem with her being nude. Sarah went on to clarify that he had a problem with anyone looking at her and he believed she was getting nude to upset him. Apparently , Rick, Mick was surfing at Coolum that day and so she had walked in by herself expecting to locate some female company and they would meet up later in the day.
Sarah didnt say it but it was clear that possessiveness proved to be a real issue between them. Anyway the day glided on and we watched people come and go, we had a few swims, the pervs stayed away from us, or at least remained undetectable. The four of us stayed naked for the remainder of the day and Sarah and I walked the length of the beach together, and shot a couple of photographs of the seashore valuing naturist photo etiquette. Sarah is 19 and unemployed and not examining and actually doesnt know what exactly is happening with her life, except a vague strategy of marrying Nick, Rick, Mick when he finishes his apprenticeship and moving to Queensland. This is a life plan I struggle to comprehend.
At three we packed up to head home. As we were flying and we remembered the second rule of traveling (the one after consistently carry a towel) consistently wear fresh knickers we all had the novel experience of being dressed into proper underwear, on a beach surrounded by twenty or thirty individuals. I asked Sarah if she intended following the naked thing when she got home and she said she’d, but I guess it’s only a holiday thing for her.
The trip home was uneventful except that Shani had burnt her bottom just at the top and her thong was rubbing and giving her hell, so in the Qantas Club she went in the toilets and removed the offending item and flew house commando.


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