What’s the most courageous thing Ive done naked? Well, thats a long story

, but at exactly the same time it’s really fascinating and just a little bit awful. Naturally, we are youthful and nastiness is a part of young ages of everyone. So let me tell you my story. Im sure you will enjoy it! It was winter and it was particularly chilly at that time. Lots of snow and cold weather have just raised the degree of my spoiled mood. Few weeks were left till the New Year however I was far from having a New Year mood. Tremendous amount of final year examinations and sessions in my university were just blowing my mind. I was feeling like leaving it all behind. And my best girlfriends Annie and Eve have proposed a very good solution to this irritating issue. They told me to wait till all examinations are going to be over and then I’ll get a quite fascinating and good surprise for the New Year, but I couldnt imagine that it’d be nudiest pics. I felt really inspired and didnt find as all exams have finally passed and then the time for the surprise has come!
I was expecting anything, but not this. Could you imagine that? They’ve given me a flight ticket as a present! I was on the seventh sky of well-being. Of course I wasnt going to travel alone and Annie jointly with Eve has joined me. It ended up being a trip to some exotic islands in Thailand. And very shortly we were all sitting in the plane that was flying high in the sky over our homeland. We all were so excited that didnt detect as the time has passed and after some time we’ve eventually landed.
Sharp change of climate was kind of surprising, but we have readily adapted to that hot and mild climate and couldnt believe that it may be hot in winter. But that was by far not the last of all of the surprises. The following thing that Ive seen after arriving to our hotel was the nudist beach. I liked to shoot some nudiest pics, but Annie and Eve actually caught me and after a couple of moments I’ve stepped on the hot sand of the first nudist beach in my life! I’ve never anticipated to see so many naked bodies around me. To be honest Ive seen some adult movies, but I could never believe to something such as that in reality! Hundreds and even thousands of naked bodies walking around methats what implementation of your dreams really means. However, in order to be taken at this seashore I needed to remove my clothes, but I wasnt going to do that. And then Eve grabbed me from behind while Annie started taking off white panties from my body. I havent seen as my bra has felt down. I liked to oppose them, but everything has occurred so rapidly that I didnt manage to stay on the safe side. Nevertheless I couldnt even imagine that all this outrageous activity was filmed by one of nudists. He has shot nudiest pics of me and when I was totally nude he came up to me and showed all those nudiest pics. I was humiliated twice at the same time! Could you believe in that? But that wasn’t the end of http://nudist-young.com . No way! But meanwhile I was feeling already alright, because no one was staring at me and everybody was acting as if it’s standard. But I was walking around and checking out body amenities of all those mighty studs and sexy ladies. Of course, my attention was directed towards guys mostly. I couldnt even imagine what’ll happen next!
All this time my girlfriends were holding another plan for me. After some time they have proposed me to upload all those nudiest pics in my personal Facebook account! There is no way I would do that! But they were insisting and said that if I concur, then they will make another surprise to me! I wasnt thinking about that, but what the hell! I was naked already! Moreover that my body is nice, hot and elastic. Dont consider me immodest. Im telling what I know. But we’re young and we need to enjoy our life to the max! http://nudism.name/nudism.html concurred and then the time to get another surprise has come! So I closed my eyes and when I opened them, then I found out a fine guy with a brawny ripped body standing by me. The reality he was naked only raised the overall level of my excitement! It was the most amazing surprise in my life.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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He was a fitness instructor at some local health club and he wanted to get acquainted with me since the first moment when we stepped on this nudist beach.
We have easily found a common language and by the end of the day we were very close to each other. Well, I will not tell you all the details of that night, but you know what I mean. But it was an unforgettable reward for my braveness. I have done the most courageous thing bare and have uploaded my nudiest pics in my personal profile. And to be honest I wasnt ashamed of that at all! Also after that a lot of my friends have checked my profile and I have gotten lots of positive comments about my title and they were admiring of my nerve as well as the beauty of my body as well. Besides that with the help of my nudiest pics I’ve managed to find a lot of admirers. So with the help of that nudist trip I’ve been able to change my life to a better side and I’ve given a promise that I shall visit those exotic Thai isles again!

My first nude experience was when I was younger and very much by accident. I went to a beach with a lengthy shoreline on the more isolated end.

I didn’t see anyone around and I knew that nudism was taken so I completely disrobed and set completely exposed in the sun. I saw a topless girl approaching and immediately covered up – being naked exterior was completely natural, being bare in front of others was not. She smiled as she walked by and I simply blushed – I was so prudish about public nudity that even seeing others in a state of undress made me uncomfortable. When she was out of site, I once again uncovered and decided I needed to go for a swim. I’ve been an avid swimmer, a life gaurd in fact, so I chose to swim farther down the coast and come back. Swimming nude was quite liberating! I did that and went past most of the crowded parts of the seashore. After a while the current was too powerful to turn back and I realized I had only one option, to walk back on the seashore.
I must say click was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my own life. I walked out of the water, covering my genitals with my hands. As I came to shore, I found that everyone was naked and looked so natural. I still covered up, but was becoming slightly more comfortable with myself. Although I was quite athletic and fit, I ‘d always been sensitive about the size of my penis and all my pubic hair but when I saw people of all shapes, sizes and ages I realized that I was good however I was. I let go, literally, and was free. It was quite a walk back. Being nude where everyone was bare was natural but I shortly I had a new challenge. Although nudity was taken everyone on the seashore, the most famous section was where virtually everyone wore bathing suits- toplessness was common but I saw only one entirely nude person.
Aside from this, it was really crowded. I had no option but to keep on going and I continued walking bare. Folks looked at me – I was likely the only nude person they’d seen for a while – but I kept on going. It’s ackward being nude in front of others when they are not but I learned to deal with it. When I finally reached my clothing, I was a nudist for life.
as soon as I went back to my flat with my friends, male and female, I told them about my experience. I told them too how great it felt and asked if they minded if I went bare in our apartment, they did not.

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Since then I spend as much of my time naked as feasible do not care whose looking.

Global warming has entirely changed the climate of the planet. It is because of lots of gaseous emissions by our vehicles and industries which distribute equally all across the world and make the natural climate warmer. As a consequence we need more ice, air conditioners, and cold beverages to maintain our body temperature standard in such hot weather.

Why people become nudist?
A large number of people in liberal societies go nude to save themselves from heat. They spend their day-to-day activities as naked and dont care about any kind of odd looks over them. They are of the view that this is http://beach-photos.com of the global warming. They dont say this in frenzy of getting bare but they’ve strong arguments for this.

Nudists conserve energy
The nudist fraternity all across the earth says that they dont have to switch on air conditioner to cool them. A standard air conditioner emits chlorofluorocarbon that directly causes ozone depletion and brings on acid rains that’s very dangerous for our planet. Finally nudists consume less electricity and help reduce another cause of the global warming.

Nudists use free young nudist pics
What nudists wear normally? Obviously nothing. They just carry a bag to maintain the most vital things like non-nudists do and go out of residence for their routine work. It means they use no clothes. Textile industries are among the very most polluting businesses. So nudists make them fabricate a little less and ultimately pollute less.

Less consumption of water by nudists
If we count the environmental advantages of nudism, these are many. Nudists dont wear clothes so that they dont need laundry at home or from a laundry service. In this way they help save ton of water which ultimately would have been consumed for laundry. So attention in water consumption is also another advantage of the manner of living.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Can all individuals go bare?
Do entire communities of the world can go bare for the cause of green? Clearly not. Each of them has different priorities and ways of thinking in life. Also, there are many hurdles to turn the entire global community as nudist.

Cultural hurdle on nudism
Most significant impediment is ethnic. Most communities on the planet are forbidden by their ethnic standards to go naked. Even in several nations showing a body part is treated as a great sin. In some communities females are not allowed to reveal their faces to strangers. In such a conservative environment how come all folks of the world can go nude.

Weather is another obstacle on nudism
Secondly the weather of the all countries isn’t uniform. In most of the African and Asian nations people face scorching heat during six to seven months of the year. How can they produce hot sun directly reaching their bodies? Therefore, this manner of living cannot be adopted uniformly all across the world.

Nudism is a restricted alternative to global warming
So nudism is a small remedy of global warming. The problem of climate change requires a broad-based alternative for its effective control. So we need to reduce every kind of pollution on world notably air pollution to control the global warming. For this particular purpose we can follow these steps:

Use auto in case of emergency and be habitual of using public transport for daily commuting
Spend an easy life with essentials and little tad comforts to make industries produce less and pollute less.
Have water with care treating it as if our personal property
Dont make haste in discarding used items and wherever potential reuse them
Adopt an eco-friendly life style by favoring eco-friendly products on other lavish ones
Every year make a pledge to avert or reduce one polluting act from your own personal life
Do you still think nudism is a proper solution of global warming or you agree with me? Please discuss your ideas in opinions given below.
The traditional values part results from our observation that numerous naturist clubs have lost the philosophy of naturism. To many, naturism is only an occasional recreational activity representing just an alternative to wearing a bathing suit. Gone are the social, emotional, environmental, and moral aspects of the movement. While we dont want to revert to the days of mandatory calisthenics, vegetarianism, and alcohol/tobacco bans, we do want to reintroduce naturism as a doctrine as well as a way of life. Of course, thats not for everyone; but each person may make a choice whether Bare Oaks is right for her or him. Were not trying to appeal to everyone. Bare Oaks exists for those people who are passionate about naturism.
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There are quite a lot of advantages to the naturist, or nudist, lifestyle, including the joy of feeling the sun all over your body, no tan lines, and the healthy self confidence that naturism represents. Many people find it too embarrassing to be naked even in front of loved ones, let alone strike up a conversation with a fellow vacationer at a nudist resort. Conversely, a number of us are fairly comfortable being nude yet dont know how or where to practice naturism. This guide will increase your comfort with naturism, and help you find methods and places to practice it.

First Time Encounter

This may seem a little peculiar, but I first got interested in nudism once I was about ten years old. I read the Adam & Eve story and wondered what it’d be like to be nude outside. So I went out to a patch of woods near our house and took off my clothing.

It felt great with the sunlight and air on my naked body. I was hooked from then on.I still go for walks in the woods for a nude hike. I began going to a nudist camp in southwest PA called White Thorn Lodge. I am intending to join WhiteThorn Lodge this year.

I also have being to Avalon Resort in WV.They have a naked bike show there in the summertime. It’s almost always a great time.

-Bob H.
Mannington, West Virginia
Afraid, But For What?

Every summer from my late 20s to 30s I ‘d go to the office of Goodland in Hackettstown, NJ and ask all kinds of questions and chicken out and go home. Finally the year that I turned 40 I got brave enough to actually enter the gate and discover out what I was missing.

When I disrobed in the parking lot I felt totally relaxed. This really is the very first time which I went into the pool and let the suns rays dry me and felt the wind lightly caress my entire body. The feeling was quite refreshing.

Now I go to Rock Lodge with my fiance. Rock Lodge was her first experience. At Rock Lodge I experienced two firsts. It was the first time which I walked in the rain bare and I also had the opportunity to drive my car that way too. We find the people there to be very friendly and we feel quite relaxed there.

What I was afraid of I ‘ll never understand but I’m happy I took that first step several years past.

-Jim A.
New Jersey
Proud To Be an Advocate

Having been exposed to nudist magazines as a kid, I always covered the delight of being naked. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I was able to actually join a club in Spokane, WA. What a thrill being able to be with other like minded individuals of all ages. Upon moving to Seattle I had the opportunity to join another club in which I attended monthly swims.

While I’m rather detached from the west side clubs and resorts here in Oregon, I more than ever committed to the nudist lifestyle and promote it every chance I get with relatives and buddies. I can not think of a better way to spend time residence or when the weather is fine outside. When you’ve tried it, you will never look back.

-Rod N.
Pendleton,, Oregon
How My Wife Became a Nudist

I met my wife in 1961. We were married in 1963. I was hired by TWA in 1966. I picked San Francisco as my domicile. When we moved to California, we lived with Sharon’s mum until we located an apartment. We were hired to manage the building we lived in.

About 1968 we were listening to a radio show. The topic of the show was free beaches. I understood what they were but Sharon did not have a hint. I ‘d not brought up nudism with her since I had a bad experience with a previous girlfriend I tried to introduce to nudism.

Sharon asked (in a kidding way,)”You want to check that out, do not you?”

I said, “Sure!” She said not without her! I said, “Amazing!, let us do it!” The following week the show had people from nudist resorts talking about national naked weekend.

The host asked why people would go to a resort and pay earth fees when they could visit the free beaches. They gave several great reasons. Sharon said the resorts seemed better and if we go we’ll go there. I asked http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-video.html if she desired to go to Santa Cruz. We put on suits, shorts and t-shirts. On the way I pulled off to a side road. Sharon asked where I was going; I said it was a surprise. as soon as I pulled in to a drive, she asked again.

I told her it was a spot we heard about on the radio. She was uneasy. I mentioned since we were here let’s take the tour, that we did not have to stay. We took the tour, the guide said if we needed to stay drive in, take our clothes away and love! I was able to talk her into staying a half hour.

She asked if we needed to get naked right away. She said no, get comfy, than get naked.

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We drove in, I got bare, but Sharon didn’t right away. It took her no time to take all her clothing away. She said she felt out of place with her clothes on.

We were nudists until she got cancer. Sharon passed away 9/ http://beach-photos.net /2001. Not a great day! I resumed nudism after her departure.

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
My First Nude Encounter

It was May 1960, I was a student at U of Ill.in Champaign. I ‘d been reading nudist magazines since I was in high school, beginning about 1950. At first I looked at the graphics, but after getting bored I began to read the magazines. I determined that someday I would want to be a nudist.

I joined the Air Force after I graduated from high school. I continued to purchase magazines while in the A.F. but at that time the law sometimes raided the nudist camps so I never tried to go. I was now free to go and I was in comfortable driving distance to a nudist camp, Zoro Nature Park.

I drove to the camp. as soon as I arrived the woman in the gate asked if I’d written to get permission to visit. I said no. She called the owner, Alois Knapp. He came to the gate, asked me if I was a nudist and how I understood about Zoro. I told him I had been reading nudist magazines for many years and wanted to become a nudist.

He let me go in the camp for the day but asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said yes, but she was at school in Rock Island, Ill. He said to bring her next time I came. I said I’d try. Following the spring session was over we both went home and resumed relationship. In around three weeks I requested Josie to go with me to this camp I’d visited in Indiana. I told her it was a real nice place, the folks were pleasant and friendly, there was a pond to swim in, volleyball courts, etc. I said I thought she would enjoy it.

She asked me what was this “nature park.” I told her there were trails through the woods. She kept asking to find out more and I eventually told her we could go skinny-dipping in the pond. When she learned that she asked if this place was a nudist colony.

In those days there was no Internet for advice so I had nothing to guide me to explain nudism to her. She called me a pervert, smacked my face and broke our relationship. Gee, I wish I’d understood the best way to explain nudism to her before asking her to join me for that visit to Zoro!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada

Before I start writing anything else and before I

discuss with you my story of my first nude beach experience, I believe that I must say a few things about the girlfriends I went with. These are my three best girlfriends that I’ve understood for a long time, ever since we began first grade. We remained good girlfriends all these years and every year (when we can afford it), we go for a vacation down to Mexico and check out a new place every year. It has been our little tradition for a few years now and we’ve had some crazy times south of the border. Nevertheless, this last year was actually something else. It was the first time we went to a nudist beach and I just have to share our experience.
We initially believed that it would merely be another one of our excursions, all four of us were actually psyched to go and we really needed the holiday. Moreover, we chose to go someplace where we could actually kick back and relax without needing to bash all night long. We determined on a location called Riviera Maya that is just south of Cancun, but also merely south enough to avoid all of the crowds that harass Cancun. When we got there, it was like paradise. You know those shores with the insanely white sand and crystal clear waters that merely entice you to jump in without even checking in? Well, it was one of those places. I could recommend it to practically everyone.
And for a day or two, everything was going as planned. We were relaxing on the beaches entire day long, went out for a couple drinks in the evenings and we were, if we are honest, being a boring bunch. Actually, it was getting a bit too boring. I mean we were still in our 20ies and however exhausted you get over the course of the year, you do want some pleasure when you go on a vacation. That’s when one of my girlfriends, Tyra, said that there’s http://antinude.com where nudists go, something of a mixed seashore at which you are able to go either clothed or in the nude. This was something we never tried before and we decided that it would be a great way to spice things up a bit. We also expected that there would be some guys there that we could take a look at in the nude. You never know, right?
The very first thing that we noticed when we got to the beach is that everyone was in their swimming suits, men, women, everyone. We were a bit disappointed and we already thought that someone has misinformed us, perhaps even as a prank, sending four women to a “supposed” nudist beach and then laughing their heads off picturing us waltzing naked to a routine shore. As it turned out, http://shockingtown.com . The nudist section of the shore was a bit down the beach and we soon started finding a growing number of people enjoying their day in the seashore in the nude. There were ladies in topless, women which were completely nude and even a few extremely hot guys all naked and showing off. One man truly had something to show off if you know what I mean.
That is when it hit us we were extremely self-conscious. Or at least three of us were. Tyra was naked before we could put our towels down and I can tell you that it absolutely was a glorious sight to see her in all her curvy goodness all nude and not worrying about a matter. I chose to give topless a go as well as the image which I sent you is only that. Tyra in the middle, all nude and without a care in the world. Me in topless and our two girlfriends with their backs to the camera, still not feeling daring enough.
The following day, however, we were all nude as the day we were born and I can inform you that it’s the best thing a girl can do.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

The freedom is intoxicating as well as the sun feels so fantastic on the naked skin.

It did not occur here; it happened at the ends of the planet.

I met a young man. Yes, I guess you could say that we’d only just begun by then; he hadn’t even began wooing me. And somehow at a specific moment we found ourselves by the beachfront. Not a soul around, waves pounding against the seashore, the moonlight in the skies.
Why don’t we take a plunge? – he says to me. But we haven’t got neither swimsuits nor towels with us, I say. He: look what a great evening, the water is so war, it will be a sin to miss this chance. We could swim naked! Well why not, I presumed. The weather was really exceptional, warm and all. And though the moon was beaming, the shore was poorly lit as the moon was not full. I shook off my slippers, afterward removed my jeans, undies and took off in the direction of the water. He follow ed me, but at some distance and to the side.
So there we are, swimming and keeping the proper distance. Having had enough of this we made it to the coast. I was leading again, and he was following me. I looked back to see him and though it was nearly pitch dark I thought I caught a glimpse of his natural ‘body’s reaction’, also it might sound foolish, but it made me feel joyful!
We dressed somehow and continued walking in our wet tees. After that we bathed by nighttime several more times.
Then he began trying to persuade me to proceed to the shore during day. He’d say that we kinda learnt everything we could about night bathing and now it was a new challenge for us to do it during the daytime. I kept on saying no because I was actually embarrassed by the idea of undressing in broad daylight, but I really wanted to go.

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Afterward I made up nudist photos family to do some ‘practicing’ during the day all by myself to begin with. I discovered a rocky shore with huge rubbles that I could leap from one to another. And so I started leaping. When I moved so far from the shore to be sure that no one sane would follow me here I stopped and got naked. Stark naked. I do not understand why, but I was literary trembling then. The sense of being totally naked outside was intoxicating, and I attempted not to think about the likelihood of somebody else’s arriving to where I was.
I had a novel with me, so I found a bigger and much more comfortable debris, lay on it and started reading and having some remainder in general. The sun was shining, the waves were lapping against the shoreline, the shoreline was merging into space, small yachts and motorboats took their lazy ramble over the waves. The feeling was calm and relaxing, and little by little I started to feel more comfortable. After a while I felt the need to pee. It was then that I recalled about the article I once read about an experiment carried out on a group of people to whom it was implied to pee inside their pants for a significant amount of cash. Regardless the amount was really impressive, no one could bring themselves to do this. Same occurred to me: I slid off the debris, squatted and simply couldn’t do it! And I really needed to After all, I could go a bit further and do my thing hiding behind the rubbles. But I felt inexplicably uncooperative. So I put on my pants, then lowered them and allow the conditional reflexes take over. While I squatted there relaxed doing my thing I was looking at the motorboat anchored at some distance. That was when I believed I saw something flashing in the motorboat. In a blink of an eye I drew a picture in my head with somebody armed with a spyglass overlooking my escapade. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew, I gathered my things and dressed up in no time, and at present I was gone with my heart still thumping in my ears.
After that I guessed another couple of sorties which were managed with far more calm. In the end I granted to go to the shore together with the young man. It was not half as frightening as I ‘d imagined it to be, as the shore was deserted and there was no one but us there. We went there for some more times, and it was only once that we happened to meet a few other folks there, but I never experienced such powerful emotions again.
My friendship with the young man in question ended up rather unfortunately, but I think that’s a whole new storyline.

Component 2 Lesson in Social Nudity

“I understand as a group have never been to a clothing optional area,” I said. “I understand you are curious about it, so I want to offer you a lesson in social nudity. I’d like to explain to you what societal nudity is all about.

As I stood there all eyes were now on me and I said, “First of all it is a non-sexual encounter, and the first thing you must know is the fact that individuals may looks at first. It’s human nature.”

I turned around to make sure that everyone could see, and I said, “Now that you’ve all “checked me out”, I ask you to do this to make a point. It demonstrates you that I understand you are looking and that I’m not ashamed or embarrassed and it tells you that you’re natural tendency to look at it is not erroneous, not ugly and it is not unacceptable to me.”

Then I entered the water, and introduced myself to each of the folks. The tension eased, and everyone relaxed and we discussed for many hours about all issues from societal nudity to physics to good films, professions, school and families. They were a fantastic group of young folks: university students, a disabled veteran, a Registered Nurse, a multimedia producer, a US National Park Ranger, and I do not recall what the other woman’s profession was. All were relaxed, no one else got naked, but the social interaction was amazing.

By 6pm we had all been in the pool for at least 4 hours and they needed to leave to get back to their camp in the City of Rocks State Park, 4 miles away. As everyone got ready to leave and pick up their things I asked this question, “OK, now everyone, how many of you even remember that I’m naked?”

I really could see the light go on in their eyes as they realized just what it was all about. I know some of them are going to be back to Faywood Hot Springs and I know they WOn’t be wearing clothing this time.

-John Collins
El Paso, Texas
First time experience 🙂

So I’m a 17 year male from Australia, I have consistently enjoyed being bare by myself and had dream of going to the neighborhood nude beach with some partners, male and female. Now I eventually got the opportunity; we walked down to the beach and continued on to the nudist half of the shore, we then stripped off and went for a swim. It felt so natural to be nude socially.

After our swim we lay on the beach and dried off then went for a walk and enjoyed the view; we’ve now decided as a miscellaneous group of friends it is going to become a standard practice for our buddies. Undoubtedly going to occur more in the long run.

-Dan W
First Timers

My wife Rose and I are newly weds in our mid 50s. Throughout our lives we skinny-dipped as children and teenagers, but never had the ability to do this as adults in our previous marriages. Last summer, just before we got married, we began loving going in the pool nude. We sat on the patio to dry off after getting out letting our skin bask in the sunlight. What a wonderful feeling.

Not long after this, we started doing lawn work, naked, in the back yard where the block fence gave us some privacy. We have a neighbor woman who likes to poke her head over the fence to say hello when she hears us in the back yard (I think which will discontinue after the very first time she sees us naked). Now we spend a great deal of time naked in the back yard and we should since we have done so much work back there.

A couple of months ago we were seeing a program on TV about the RV lifestyle. It caught our attention because we travel around in a 25 foot travel trailer. One of the things in the application was Garments-Discretionary campgrounds. We though it was neat and that was the last we thought about it. That’s until a few weeks ago when my wife brought it up indicating it’d be fun to discover a Clothes-Discretionary campground and go see what it’s all about.

Over the the next couple of weeks I spent a lot of time hunting the internet for Clothing-Optional campgrounds. There aren’t many in Arizona, in fact there are not many nudist organizations in Arizona, span. I located one near Phoenix, Shangri la Ranch, which advertises as a family oriented nudist camp. I did even more research on Shangri la Ranch and found it is a remarkable facility and comes highly recommended by posters on various naked recreation forums. I named the office at Shangri la Ranch and described my lovely wife and I would really like to see for a weekend and it would be our first time at a nudist resort. They were more than happy to accommodate us, even placing us in an RV space right across from the club house, pools, cafe, and hot tub.

After setting up camp and having lunch, we lose our clothes and headed for the pool. It felt so natural and free, we instantly felt at home. We went to the dance in the club house that evening and had a ball dancing naked for 3 1/2 hours. We did not care we were naked and no one else cared we were naked either. We met several very fine couples who were excited to meet us and celebrated our first time with us.

Increased and I can hardly wait to return.

I learned of another nudist resort that is highly recommended not too far from us that we will be heading to maybe in November. Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs. Tom and Mary Clare look excellent hosts and the inn is simply that which we need.

I hope Rose and I become regulars at Shangri la Ranch and Terra Cotta Inn. We’re keeping our eyes and ears sharp for additional places to go to.

We’re going to adore nudism, Clothes-Optional and no clothes resorts and actions.

See you around. We only joined AANR yesterday!

-Mark & Rose
Wow. I did it.

I’d learned of a naked occasion at a nearby gymnasium. It was sponsored by a local nudist club which leased the facility for an evening once a month or so. I had become determined to proceed to the occasion having consistently been intrigued by nudism but never attempting it.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I was as nervous as I really could get worrying about how I’d “respond” but I was committed. I drove around to the health club that Saturday evening and sat in the car just eyeing the place for a great 10 minutes. I wasn’t about to chicken out. I went in, paid my admission fee and headed for the locker room. I immediately figured out that everything was co-ed. There was a couple in the men’s locker room and they were naked. Oh my. How would this go? LOL. I just stripped as fast as I could. Out the door I went with not a matter on. Wow. Was this great or what? I took a fast dip in the pool and then went to the sauna and hot tub. I was feeling really comfy naked. This was great. I was hooked on nudism. Everyone was so friendly and open. I got involved in the volleyball game. Here I was playing co-ed naked volleyball. I was totally hooked. This was fantastic. I stayed until the occasion was over enjoying the whole encounter. 15 years later I’m still at it. A nudist for life.

-George E
18 Years ago I went to a nude beach for the very first time and now I cannot appear to go eslewhere

I once heard about a nude beach near where I lived on the news as it made some contraversy. I was already sleeping in the nude for some time, never thought I’d attempt it outside, but then one day I went to the shore out of curiosity. I didn’t go there to go nude, but after speaking to one regular there I found myself taking my suit off and going skinny-dipping!

Wow! What a sense it was swimming in the ocean with no swimsuit! I started coming back up until the beach I went to got raided. I was fortunate I didn’t get found, but afterwards http://voy-zone.com/nudist-clip-sample.html lost its spunk, and single men started to be the standard countering the balance of men and women.

I have to say that didn’t stop blonde beach from becoming a naturist as I joined a landed club nearby and met loads of friends while at it and the most crucial idea is that it was not sexual being around identical images that Playboy and porn make degrading only in real life.

I even learned later how amazing it’s to be in a motel room while on vacation with no clothes on and even not shut the toilet door. I do however, live with my mother who doesn’t know about this, but I still sleep naked at night though! Wow is all I can say as no correct words can describe the liberty you have without clothing! I’ve been hooked and there is no going back for me!


his is my guy Kyle and that is a huge cruiser behind him

I have been a timid guy my entire life. I can remember my preschool when I was the most bashful kid in the class. It has always been hard for me to make friends and while which was not always the biggest thing ever, I really believe that this wasn’t half bad because it made me better friends with those few folks I did become friends with. When it was time for me to begin dating, things weren’t doing excellent. And growing up as a gay kid in 90s Detroit, that wasn’t great either. You might say that the universe conspired against me when it comes to getting dates and finding that someone.
And with school and with a new job and new duties, my love life has been on a backburner in the past ten years or so. No, really. I did not possess one relationship that survived longer when compared to a month in the last 10 years. In other words, until this last year once I met Kyle. Now, for some other people, a sentence such as the last one would be nothing special. But for someone like me, “only meeting” someone is not at all something that occurs more than once in an eternity.
I wasn’t sure what to think of Kyle at first. He was hot (still is), of that there was no doubt. But he was one of those guys which were never too serious and that never took anything seriously. This is some thing that you can be okay with when you’re 21, 22, but as a man in his early 30s, I was not looking for something like that. free nudist family videotits beachfamily nudistsyoung nudist picnude beach ukrainenudists family photos

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And then, just when I thought he was a total waste of time, I understood that this was his choice. He was not only “like that”. He liked being free and being impulsive, but not in that annoying way where he would depend on everyone around him only to get by. He was a great professional and a successful individual, dependable to a fault, but always a little absent-minded and consistently with that sprinkle of unexpected to him.
We barely kissed twice before he requested me to go to France with him. He had a job to do there and he desired me to go there with him. We only spoke for about 3 hours all in all before that. I ‘d not seen him nude. We hardly kissed. And he was inviting me to go to Europe with him. I made the decision to be impulsive for once in my life and I went with him. (In the rear of my head thinking that I can always fly back if this turns out to suck.)
He did his thing, his little gig or whatever (he is http://rohii.com ) and that was that. In one day. We’d an entire two-week holiday in the south of France just for one day of his work. I loved it. http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php felt so glamorous. And we shot matters actually slowly, we did not dash anywhere. For instance, this photo that you can see of Kyle all naked in front of a huge cruiser; this was the very first time I saw him nude. We saw the people from the cruiser and we overheard them discussing and he needed to screw with them so he got naked as they were checking out this enormous statue that was behind me as I was shooting the photo. He understood they had to see him and he needed to screw with them. I was additionally naked as I was shooting his photo.
Later that day, we laughed about how we first saw each other naked in that way. We made love later that day. It was incredible. We are still together and we still laugh like crazy when we see this photo.

Now this is an encounter still gives me nightmares up to this day..lol

I was a member of a band before and we would normally practice at night when everyone’s off from school or work at a friend’s garage, we were all about the exact same age, around 20-24, I was 20 then and among the youngest so was our pianist who was also a girl, my sister who wasn’t a part of the band, would frequently join us when we practice since she likes hanging out with the guys… then we’d the men: the drummer, the lead guitarist, the bassist, the rhythm guitarist and (extra) percussionist
On this particular night nonetheless, two more guys joined the practice just for the heck of it… right in the middle of a single song, the lights went out! after a few minutes of panicking, we found out from a neighbor that it proved to be a citywide blackout, and the lights won’t be back until after about 2 hrs
We were devastated! we needed to practice for an upcoming gig this weekend, so we decided to stay and await the lights to return on so we could practice some more… and so we stayed…
But it was getting hotter and the mosquitoes kept buzzing around our heads if not biting us… one of the men suggested we go take a dip in the little river just behind the house… everybody said yes so we all trooped down to the river…
Nevertheless when we got there, we realized we didnt have bathing suits!!!LOL… so I said: well it’s dark anyhow, why don’t we simply take off our clothes and dive right in?! someone chirped: great thought!
All the guys got busy taking off their shirts and short pants, and jumped into the water inside their briefs…it was pitch dark and we could not see a thing no matter how much we strain our eyes!!!lol but my sister and i and the pianist (we were the only girls there) were fairly hesitant..we didnt want our underwears to get wet, or else our parents might find out we didnt “exactly” practice but went swimming in the river instead…we’d be grounded for sure! so we said among ourselves: they won’t see a thing anyway, so let us just take evrything away and jump into the river fast!!!!
So we shed all our underwear bra and panties and everything in between..lol and dived right into the chilly water!!! whew!! what a relief!! the water felt cold on our warm and mosquito-bitten bodies and the guys didnt even understand that we took off even our underwears!!! hahaha
While swiming though, some of the men would come near us and splash water on our faces, some would attempt to push us playfully but we needed to stay away from them as far as possible..or else they may find out our secret!lol
After a few minutes cooling off in the water, everyone had had enough, so we all decided to get out of the water and simply await the light to come back on inside our friend’s house…
The 2 girls and I decided we should get out of the water along with the guys so they’d http://voy-zone.com be too busy getting into their very own garments that they won’t see us placing our underwear back on
So we got out of the water together with the guys…
while we were still attempting get into our knickers hurriedly…would u consider???? the fucking lights suddenly went back ON!!!! and it was so bright you wouldnt even think it was night!!! it took us a split second to see the lights came back on, when we did, http://ournudism.com needed to pick up our clothes and scamper behind a vast tree for cover!!!
The guys were briefly blinded by the flooding of light so we imagine (hopefully) they didnt see anything..except for the flash of some nude butt and the panties left lying on the earth!!!

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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lol… and yes, those were mine (both the panties and also the butt)
They all just laughed and attempted to make light of things while my sister raced dressing up so she can pick my panties up from the earth and give it back to me…
After that, we all went back to practice laughing but nobody mentioned anything about seeing whatever… However I doubt if they didnt talk about it when us girls are not there

It’s heartening to know that many seasoned nudists here were as nervous as I was.

I was a bit surprised to learn that lots of nudists are just as nervous as non-nudists would be in a bare situation. Maybe what makes you a nudist is that the urge to be bare is more powerful in relation to the initial humiliation of being bare.

My first brave action was to strip off on a beach. There aren’t any nude beaches close to me but I found a little cove where http://x-officer.com go and attempted stripping off there. It turned out to be a lovely feeling, but I was always worried about being caught. Although a little later I did meet another folks who went naked there.

The next courageous thing I did was to take http://ournudism.com/young-nudist-video.html of myself and show a few pals. Not in a sleazy way mind you, I simply needed to find out if I appeared ok in the nude. I was once offered a job modelling for an artwork group but I didn’t overly that. The idea of being naked in a room full of people was too nerve racking.

After wanting to for a long time, I finally found the guts to visit a actual nude beach. It took some finding and I was extremely nervous by the time I got there. This was on new years day so there were lots of folks there. But my nerves went away after seeing every one of the folks there being naked and thinking nothing of it. I was still clothed when I walked onto the seashore and meant to find a place before undressing. But it seemed so relaxed, that I took my top off before I even settled down. When I located a place to put my towel, I took the rest of my clothing off and I was surprised how quickly I got used to it. After acclimatizing, I got up and went for a walk, completely bare for everyone to see and it was no huge deal at all because everyone was the same. Actually, I felt a lot more comfortable being naked there that I ‘d feel just taking my top off on a standard shore.

I guess the most recent brave thing I did was to upload my bare avatar here. As mentioned, I’ve shown photographs to a couple of pals, but this is the very first time I’ve posted one for all the world to see. I actually don’t think I’ll leave it up quite long so love (if that’s the word) it while you can.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I don’t believe I’ll be using the photo albums feature though – I am not that courageous.

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