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So that one morning, right after the brekkie, me and Veronica positioned out for this exciting adventure – and I must admit that I got cold feet at the beginning, but having someone as bold and nonchalant as Veronica helped a lot. Naturally, when we arrived at the spot she was the first to take off her skimpy top and shorts and reveal the fact that she wasn’t wearing any swimsuit (in contrast to me; I was decided to undress that same day on the beach, but something in me told me it would be easier for me to adjust to my new nudist nature gradually).
The beach, against my better expectations, was quite a crowded set that day (as every next day of our short vacation), but although the put was practically thronged with attractive women of another age groups …

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It took me a while to get accustomed to the angle that my breasts and my genitals were on display at nudust competition, and I felt pretty sure I was being watched by hundreds of onlookers

Nude swimming at

I grew up in a very orthodox and closed family and community. I had never been skinny dipping. Notwithstanding, after graduating from high tutor, one very hot, stifling August weekend night, I and one of my friends were at our unusual friend’s dwelling – complete with secluded outdoor swimming pool. By the way, his folks were out of state, and his sister was away at school (or so we thought).
After having passed on several beers a piece, we decided it would be a good sight to enjoy the pool. Since we had no swim suits, it was logical to simply remove our clothes and jump in. After splashing around for quite some time, we heard human voices.
Suddenly, the one friend’s sister comes out

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Fuerteventura Princess

The Furteventura Princess is an impressive well maintained hotel and grounds,friendly helpfull staff, and a reasonable standard of entertainment in the comfortable main lounge however, the piano player in the piano bar is most irritating,his over use of arpeggios overwhelmed the basic melody of the tunes he played, and his phrasing was abysmal, The grounds of the hotel are ample with plenty of spacious garden and pool area, The naturist pool area is screened off in an area at the southern extemity of the property although one of the two access points does allow outsiders a partial view inside of the nude area,one would have to consciously peer in to see anything,a previous reviewer describes the hotel as a “ Nudist Camp” that is simply untrue,it is true however that the sauna and steam room are accessed through the nude area but most people either Nude or Prude choose to shower naked in the open showers facility after a session in one of the sauna’s,no big deal unless you are one of those strange folk that sunbathe partialy dressed! a word of warning, you may encounter people on the beach who are wearing clothes,don’t be alarmed just ignore them. The only thing that causes the hotel not to be Not Quite Up To The Mark is the food, I have never before see omelettes made on a flat hotplate,nor seen an egg that was cooked sunnyside up satisfactorily on one, fries were even one of the choices available at breakfast. Evening meals were hit and miss and often only warm, Thomsons rate this hotel 5 Ts I would rate it 4* if the food improved. If you can get a cheap enough deal for this hotel then it’s worthy a visit.

Alantis Palace Hotel, Corralejo Fuerteventura

The Alantis Palace is a 5 star hotel situated in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. The appeal of the canaries is the weather and especially in the winter when 4 hours flying gets you gorgeous sunshine.

I had been to Fuerteventura several times before, but not for a few years. We had booked independently and flew out of Gatwick with First Choice on a Wednesday, although flights operate on a Saturday aswell.

The flight is around 4 hours and on arrival the problems of travelling independent became apparent. We had pre booked a taxi with a local company but this just meant that you were given a voucher by the local rep and then joined the very long queue for the taxis. This was ` off season` out of school holidays in November – I can only presume that it would be worse in peak season and would consider hiring a car next time.

Corralejo is about a 40 minute drive from the airport. The landscape is very volcanic and not particulary pretty but just outside Correlajo you get to see the famous sand dunes and realise that this is what it is about.

Corralejo is a tourist town although far smaller than some I have been to. Its is mainly apartments and some hotels with a main street of shops and restaurants – busy ,not heaving but not what you could call `quaint`.

The Hotel:

I was being taken here as a present for hitting a bad birthday date by my husband and whilst I was aware of the hotel before arriving I had not been inside it before. The hotel almost looks out of place in a small street as it is modern glass at the front with huge palm trees outside. Inside the foyer is large and cool with tiled floors and a very spacious feel. There is an area for playing cards, plus a bar area , comfortable sofas and a small shop. The staff at the reception spoke excellent english and were politeness it self. Our luggage was taken by a very chatty porter wearing only what I can presume was typical canarian dress – black plus fours, white socks, white shirt and red waistcoat. He showed us to our suite and left without that awful hoovering waiting to be tipped. Walking up to the room the feel is very moorish with terracotta coloured walls and ornate wood decors and furniture. There are large gardens within the hallway downstairs that the other floors landing then surround giving it very much a feeling of coolness and calm.

The Room:

My husband had actually booked us into a suite and the one allocated to us took my breath away. You walked into a large hallway with a desk and large mirror with built in wardrobes . This then led off to the bathroom, the bedroom and the lounge.

The lounge was very large and spacious with a sofa ( that could convert to a bed) and 2 arm chairs plus coffee tables and wall unit with the TV on. To be honest the furniture looked lost in the room somewhat. Large glass doors led to the balcony area which was huge and went right around the side of the building.

The bedroom had a large queen size bed plus 2 arm chairs and a table. There was also a desk area and a mini bar fridge and TV. There was spare bedding (pillows and blalnkets) in a lovely wooden trunk at the end of the bed and again ample wardrobe space.The patio doors led out again to the balcony area – which over looked the pool.

The bathroom was full size with bidet and shower above the bath. There was a double sink unit in marble and vast amounts of white soft towels and robes.

The whole decor was again very moorish with tiled floor and terracotta colours and wall tiles. There were rugs by the side of the bed to stop cold feet in the moning and air con that was controlled from the lounge or the bedroom.There were some very dramatic large dried flower arrangements in every room that really enhanced the whole colour theme.

The touches that I liked were that when we arrived we had a bottle of bubbly and fresh fruit in the room for us. We had a hand written note from our cleaners introducing them selves, and they had shaped a towel in the bathroom into a bird shape and sprinkled fresh flower petals over it – small touches but it makes you feel less like a conveyer-belt visitor. We had chocolates left on the desk for us one day, and every evening staff would come and take away wet towels, replace them with new and leave more chocolates for us ( you can see why this was bad for my waitsline!)

The Restaurant:

We were on a half board basis allowing us breakfast and evening dinner. There is only one main restaurant although there is a pool bar for lunch time snacks, although we didnt use this.
The restaurant is on the lower ground floor and is fairly relaxed on evening wear – no shorts or vest tops.
Breakfast was from 07-30 till 10 and dinner 1900 – 21.30. Being a non child couple we tended to go to eat dinner later in this period.
The table allocation is sit where you find one free. This can be a bit of a hunting exercise but there are plenty of tables and staff clear them very quickly. One night we sat at a table for 5 as it was the only one not dirty or being used and the waiter made some adverse rude comment. My husband found the restaurant manager and asked him to show us somewhere else to sit if it was a problem – we were assured it was fine where we were and at the end of the evening he cancelled our wine bill as an apology.

Breakfast and dinner were buffet style and I personally thought the food to be very good. There was a different choice every day and they catered for all tastes. The wine for the evening dinner was very reasonable and apart from the above mentioned person, all the staff were polite,attentive and very helpful. I lost a dangly type earring one night in the restaurant and just wrote it off as gone – the manager found it on the floor and tracked me down by checking at every table – and they were obviously not expensive type earrings.

Other facilities:

I cannot comment too much as we spent all day at the sand dunes and didnt use the pool. However the hotel surrounds the pool area and lush gardens. Infact we had a brochure in our room identifying all the plants in the grounds for our interest.The hotel provided towels for guests going around the pool – this looked crowded to me with lots of sun beds but that is probably my personal taste. There is an internet facility just off the main reception where for 1 euro you can email or surf plus a book exchange. The hotel also has a sauna and jacuzzi area but again I did not make use of that.
The reception area also has free Spanish, English, Dutch and German newspapers that you read on the sofa areas and lots of information about local attractions.
The hotel runs a free bus service to the sand dunes each day – although we walked every day to try to burn off some of the food – it was 1.5 hours from the hotel each way but flat and quite pleasant.
The hotel is just 2 minutes away from the main shopping area yet you dont get any noise pollution from there at night.It seems to cater for UK and german & dutch visitors mainly and does provide live entertainment every the shape of local acts. Again I cant comment on this – I was star watching on my enormous balcony area each night after dinner.


The Alantis Palace is about 4 years old now. If you look closely on the outside you can see a few cracks but from the inside it could be brand new. It was the first `posh` hotel in Corralejo for a few years but there has recently been an Alanatis Bhia built further out of town that is larger and has probably taken this crown. However, I feel that the Alantis Playa offers great value for money – whilst it may not be the cheapest option they have service and luxury down to an art form and you will return, as I did, feeling like a queen !

Im afraid I cant comment on the child friendly aspect but was pleased to see that the hotel was totally non smoking i side and wheel chair friendly.

I hope that this review is of some use to you and thank you for reading it .x

Summary: A palace that made me feel like a queen

Fuerteventura A gorgeous Island

Advantages: Beautiful landcapes, beaches. lots to do.

Disadvantages: hotel issues!

I have just returned from a fortnight long holiday on the gorgeous sunny island of Fuerteventura – one of the Canary Islands. I travelled with my 2 children ages 10 and 7yrs old, and we all had a wonderful time. I will try to do some justice to this beautiful island in this review.

I travelled there on an all inclusive package deal from Thomas Cook at the end of June, and stayed at a 3* hotel – The Hotel Costa Caleta (which I will review at a later date)

During my time there the weather was around 38-42 degrees most days and was only slightly breezy most days. As you can imagine this got a little bit too hot at times and you really had to get yourself out of the heat by jumping in the pools. I would advise plenty of suncream and plenty of non alcohol fluids!

We actually had a sun care advisor who advised against using a factor higher than 25, and to use one which had the main ingredient of aloe vera. Apparently higher factors have been known to contain alcohol and other ingredients which can react with the Canarian sunshine causing blistering, sunburn and prickly heat. Also using a good Aloe Vera after sun was advised, I followed this advice and was glad to say neither my children nor I burned during the holiday.

As you can see by the hotel name, the resort I stayed at was Caleta de Fuste (also named Castillo or Caleta) This is on the west side of the island and is only about a 10min transfer from the airport in Puerto del Rosario. For the purpose of this review I will refer to this resort as Caleta.

Caleta is a resort which is mainly made up of hotels, apartments and holiday homes and is definitely a tourist town. It has it’s own manmade beach with quite nice sands (not too hot to walk in either which was nice) the beach is horseshoe shaped and is safe for swimming in. There are various watersports available at the harbour at the end of the beach, including diving too. There is also the option to go out in a glass bottomed boat to do some whale, shark watching! I didn’t get around to doing this on this occasion but definitely something I will do in future.

There are many bars, restaurants and tourist type shops along the main part of Caleta, including to my delight a Scottish bar (The Flower of Scotland) and a Scottish café (The Scotch Corner) which sold traditional Scots, English and Irish Breakfasts and meals. You can get many different types of food along the way here too, including Chinese, Indian, Mexican to name a few. If we weren’t staying all inclusive I’m sure we would have tried them all out…we did try the Scotch corner and also a Chinese Buffet restaurant, both of which were lovely, and made a welcome change from the hotel food.

As I was travelling alone with my children, bars and nightclubs weren’t top of my priorities, but after meeting up with people from my hotel we did go on a couple of occasions to some of the bars, including the aforementioned Flower of Scotland, which hosts a quiz and karaoke every evening. (I won a bottle of champagne in a music quiz one night)

Things to do in and around Fuerteventura are numerous. Personally I didn’t have enough time (or money) to do all of the things I would have liked to on this visit.
I did manage to visit Coralejo on the North of the Island (around 40mins by bus from Caleta) to the Water park – Baku. This was a good day out for the children but beware as there are height restrictions for some of the slides and this was a little disappointing for my daughter as she wanted to go on some of the bigger rides but was unable to as she was a couple of inches short of the minimum. There is however plenty of other things for the smaller ones, including a lazy river which you go around in a tyre ring, you can hire these rings yourself or simply wait at the bottom of the slides for them to come down (I would recommend waiting on the rings as it can work out a bit expensive to hire them) There’s also a baby pool for under 5’s. And if you want to get out of the water for a while you can also visit the Animal Experience – where you can swim with Sea lions for 30 euros, and see lots of other animals too, including some flamingos and farm animals. This is included in the entry price so worth a look.
Prices are 30euros for adults and 18euros for children but I paid for it as an excursion through my holiday rep with bus link included for a reduced fee.

Still in Coralejo there are opportunities to visit the island of Los Lobos. Again I can’t comment on this as I didn’t get around to this excursion, but you can go over on the boat, spend a few hours on the uninhabited island, relaxing, taking photos etc Los Lobos is a nature reserve and is only a small 6miles² apparently a beautiful place to spot unusual birds and plants.

Another trip to take from Coralejo and one that I DID manage to take was the ferry crossing into Lanzarote! Boarding the Fred Olsen ferry at the harbour in Coralejo and arriving in the Playa Blanca in Lanzarote took only 20 minutes, and the journey across the gorgeous aqua waters was worth it alone! On first arrival to Lanzarote all you can see is white houses everywhere as it is Lanzarote law that all buildings are white with either green or brown doors! You can also visit the active volcano on the island which we didn’t do on this occasion. We took a bus (around 30mins transfer) into the more modern town of Puerto del Carmen for a bit of Duty free shopping and relaxation and a short visit to my friend’s holiday villa in the resort too.

Coralejo also boasts a fine harbour and lots of watersports activities too. It also boasts one of the most gorgeous white sandy beaches on the island, sand blows in from the Sahara desert in Africa creating natural white sand dunes, thus is called the mini Sahara! When we passed this beach on the bus at around 10am in the morning it was totally deserted, and even by around 6pm on our return past it, there still wasn’t a lot of people around, except those windsurfing, kitesurfing and people flying kites, I imagine that is because even though the beach is gorgeous the water is quite unsafe for swimming as it has quite strong currents as the wind does tend to get quite strong on this part of the island.

One of the best parts of our holiday was the trip to the South of Fuerteventura to the wonderful La Lajita Oasis Park. There are animals from all over the world here and is well worth a visit if it’s the only thing you do on the island. I booked the trip through my rep and was picked up at my resort and driven through to the Zoo, throughout the day you have a guide (ours was a wonderful French man called David) who will advise you on things to see, and take you through the park so that you see all the best parts, you are given some free time to explore on your own then taken to see a Parrot show, a Sea lion show, A reptile show, and a bird of prey show too….you are then given an experience of a lifetime….a camel safari ride! This was a wonderful trek up a small hill riding the camels…part of me was thinking this was very cruel to the poor animals having to heave all of us up and down that hill for 20minutes, but the selfish part of me loved every minute of it. On top of that we were also given a buffet lunch which was lovely too. For myself and 2 children I paid around 90 euros for the trip which included the bus from Caleta to La Lajita. (about 30-40minutes journey)
Some of the animals you can expect to see are Giraffes (including some very cute babies, Chimpanzees, Zebras, Cheetahs, to name a few! All in all a wonderful day out and the animals are kept in as natural environment as possible, and have all (we were assured) been born and reared in captivity.

Back to Caleta again and there is a small hill called Chipmunk Mountain where once upon a time a large colony of Chipmunks lived and people could go right up to them with handfuls of nuts and feed them, but as there is currently building work going on there the little munks have emigrated temporarily (or not) down to the other side of the harbour, where the probably get more visitors! We didn’t manage to see any during our stay but were assured they were there. Another thing to take note of is the wonderful sand sculptures which grace the beach of Caleta, these are simply stunning creations which the artists have worked on for days sometimes weeks….and are definitely worth throwing a few cents down for the obvious hard work that has gone into them! If you throw some money to the artists they allow you to take photographs of their work, although I did see some people take photos without donating anything.

There are numerous play parks for the children dotted around the town and also a great crazy golf course for around 3-4euros per person. So I don’t think anyone would be lost for something to do when visiting this wonderful island. Any questions please feel free to ask, although I am far from being an expert on the island but I definitely will return one day to do the things I didn’t get around to.

All in all we had a wonderful two weeks on this island and only had one or two disappointments during our time there but that is an issue with the hotel we stayed at and will be reviewed at a later date.

I would recommend this resort for a family holiday, not one for someone looking for a lively resort perhaps…as it can be pretty quiet – I didn’t see any actual nightclubs for dancing etc just plenty of bars with entertainment…karaoke, live etc.

Aparthotel Bahia Grande

I stayed at this hotel for a couple of nights whilst staying in Fuert. I had watched this hotel being built in previous years and was curious as to the finished product. The check in was friendly and welcoming. We were given pool towels to use and a welcoming drink. The room was brand new as was everything else in the hotel. It is an ultra modern hotel but i would say lacks a bit of something. The room consisted of a kitchen that was new and well equipped. The strange thing though was there were no curtains in the kitchen/sitting area. This is a bit weird as the sun blinded you in the morning and you wanted to walk around in your PJ’s. The rooms whilst new were not luxurious a bit ikea type. The hotel had a childrens club which was excellent quality and our 6 year old was very happy and welcomed. The swimming pool is large but very concrete ie no grassed areas. We ate half board as there is not a good choice of restaurants nearby as its deserted. After dinner we thought we would go for a relaxing drink. Well there were lots of scandinavian and german guests and they go to bed early. At 10pm it was like a ghost hotel. We walked over to the other side of the bay to its sister hotel. Cala Hotel. We went to a lovely outside bar that had a shelter and overlooked the ocean. It was nice and not too pricey. However, by about 11pm this became quiet. We gave up and went to bed. The beach area is black sand and very quiet. There are no sunbeds on the beach and the only action is the windsurfing that happens on a daily basis. Would i stay here again only if it was a very good price and i was looking for total isolation.

Some of the best-known nudist beaches

Those who enjoy the glory of worshipping the sun in the altogether couldn’t ask for a more accommodating spot than Fuerteventura. While there is no official position on nude sunbathing, there are many beaches where nudist sun lovers are welcome to strip down to the bare essentials and enjoy. There are very few beaches where nudism will raise eyebrows, though there are a few where it is not allowed or is discouraged. These are generally well-populated beaches near the urban and resort centres – Corralejo, for example. Even around Corralejo, though, there are beaches where a nudist can enjoy a discreet all-over tanning session.

Some of the best-known nudist beaches are on the southern end of Fuerteventura. The sunny, windy coasts of the Jandia peninsula offer many fairly remote and less populous beaches where no one thinks twice if a bather strips to their altogether.

Cofete is a pristine stretch of about 13 km on the western side of Jandia. Cofete is separated from Barlovento Beach by a rock known as Islote, and when the tide comes in, the beach is cut off from the rest of the island. Just beside Islote, the tides and winds have formed a small cove which offers the best bathing on the long stretch of sand. The windy beach with fine gold sand is one of the island’s better known nudist beaches.

Playa Sotovento is another Jandia beach where nudists are welcomed. The beach is actually divided in three by a pair of parallel sand dunes which run down to the sea. Most naturists prefer the large, flat expanse of sandy beach that lies to the south of the second dune. The beach is accessible by guagua (bus), and features many nearby resort amenities, including restaurants, a board walk, First Aid station, litter bins, sunshades and hammocks.

El Bajo Negro is located within Las Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park, not far from Corralejo. The beach is located in a rural area, and the beach is only semi-developed. There are many remote, pristine areas where nudist bathing is accepted and welcome. Despite its name, the sands here are pale and golden, and there are many accommodations for tourists and holidaymakers. Accessible by bus, it offers baths, showers, first aid, accommodations and nearby restaurants.

It’s far more common to find nudist beaches along either the northern coast or the southern peninsula, but nude bathing is acceptable on nearly any remote stretch of beach that is not overly populated or marked as family-friendly.

Fuerteventura beaches / information.

Without doubt fuerteventura has the best Beaches in the Canary Islands region,if not Europe.
The Beaches on Fuerteventura are vast and numerous,with around 150 in total
This makes Fuerteventura the No 1 destination for the beach lover.
Below is more information on some of the many beaches of Fuerteventura
There’s approximately 120 miles of natural beach on the island of Fuerteventura.
Be fore warned nudism is accepted in Fuerteventura and many of the more rural beaches are nudist, but most are far from the family tourist areas on the island.

Costa Calma:

This beach is part of the Playa de Sotavento. It is a long wide beach with a narrow band of wasteland between the beach and the rise where the buildings form. This area is most popular with naturists. The sea is pleasant for swimming here and there are toilets dotted along the beach.

Costa caleta beach / Caleta de fuste :

The purpose built resort of Caleta de fuste or costa caleta as it is also known is based around a large horseshoe shaped cove. The natural features of this cove lean to a gentle slope into the sea, where it is protected from waves, and no dangerous currents (ideal for young children).
The beach has been created from imported sand from the Sahara desert, there are a few smaller bathing areas as you walk along the pathway following the beach .
These lagoon like areas have been created by digging into the rock behind the shoreline and then importing the sand, these new beaches can befound by the new Atlantico center. As Caleta is a family resort, only topless bathing is seen in this area.

Puerto Del Rosario, Playa blanca:

Playa Blanca beach is a short walk from the Capital of Puerto del Roasario. The white sand here stretches for about 600 metres . Under currents can be strong and during peak season a flag system to show when it is safe to bathe are present. This area of beach is mainly used by the local people during lunch breaks and when they fancy an hour at the beach just to relax. The local Spanish are not as keen on topless bathing as the Germans and English as a result nudism is pretty rare here.

El Cotillo Beach:

The white sandy beach here stretches for miles to the south of El Cotillo. El cotillo is on the west coast of the island where the waves tend to be much larger than over areas of the island. The sheer size of the beach means that even on a busy day it is possible that you could be the only person visible for some distance.
El cotillo beach is massive and there is ample space for nudism activity here.

Morro Jable:

This beach has the usual water sports activities going on and it is possible to go sailing,diving,snokelling etc. The beach at the Jandia end is divided into a nudist section to the left of the lighthouse, a clothed section is to the right.
There are numerous sunbeds available on both sections and the sea is pleasant for swimming,although a steep slope towards the sea is present in places which is not suitable for very young children.


The beach at Cofete is a white sandy beach that is about 3 miles in length. Cofete beach is not easily accessible so there is plenty of room to get away from the tourists. The waves here can be a bit on the rough side and would recommend taking great care if bathing.

Fuerteventura – Nudist Beaches

Playa de Sotavento de Jandía – Morro del Jable
Playa Butihondo – Morro del Jable
Playa Las Coloradas – Morro del Jable
Playa Morro de Potala – Morro del Jable
Playa El Cofete – El Cofete – Morro del Jable
Playa Viejo Rey – Morro del Jable – Pájara
Playa Ajuy – Ajuy – Puerto de la Peña – Pájara
Playa Janubio – Puerto de Los Molinos – La Oliva
Playa Aljibe (La Cueva) – El Cotillo – La Oliva
Playa Castillo – La Oliva
Playa Marfolín – El Cotillo – Corralejo
Playa Islote – El Cotillo – Corralejo
Playa Río – El Cotillo – Corralejo
Playas Los Charcos – El Cotillo – Corralejo
Playa Charcón – Corralejo
Playa Beatriz – Corralejo
Playa Punta Blanca – Corralejo
Playas de Corralejo – Corralejo

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